The Focus is on Golfers

I work with junior to senior level golfers who want more from their game. 

Golf fitness is more than balancing on stability balls and imitating the golf swing using resistance bands.

It is about mobility, stability, strength, power, speed, and nutrition.

Not a Golfer? 

Don’t worry, the process & exercises will improve anyone’s health and fitness. Moving better and toning muscle is for good everyone! 

I Have a Question for You

Would your golf game be better if you hit the ball farther and straighter?

Hell yes, right!

Are you working on your swing mechanics, but see little improvement once you leave the range?

You aren’t alone.

It’s Time to Change It Up

Stop practicing without getting results.

Mobility & stability limitations cause the common swing characteristics you often hear instructors mention i.e. early extension, over-the-top, etc.

If you can’t place your body into the correct positions, it’s difficult to improve your swing.

It’s impossible to swing like Dustin Johnson if you can’t move like Dustin Johnson.

Your lack of mobility will cause you to exhibit one or more of the 12 most common swing characteristics that lead to poor shot making.

There is good news!  Mobility & stability issues can be easily diagnosed and corrected with simple exercises.

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Advancements in Instruction

A few years ago if someone was trying to learn the perfect swing they would visit a swing instructor.

The instructor would show the player where the ideal club positions are for each part of the swing and expect the player to practice until they could groove that “perfect” swing.

That isn’t the case now.

Most golfers didn’t have a chance to groove that “perfect” swing, not because they couldn’t learn, or have the time, but because they couldn’t get their body into those positions. 

Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) was founded to help golfers overcome their physical limitations based on the following philosophy.

“We don’t believe there is one way to swing a club; we believe there are an infinite number of ways to swing a club. But we do believe that there is one efficient way for everyone to swing a club and it is based on what they can physically do.”

There isn’t one “perfect” swing. There are an infinite number of perfect swings.

But to be effective, a golf swing requires the body to move in a specific order.

This is called the kinematic sequence.

For the kinematic sequence to work efficiently, most golfers need some form of physical conditioning to increase their mobility and reinforce sections of the body that hold joints in place during movement.

TPI developed a program to certify golf coaches, medical practitioners, and fitness trainers in the TPI methods. 

Certified TPI Fitness Professional

My training methods and program development are derived from the TPI philosophy that there is one efficient swing for each individual and it is based on their mobility and physical strength.

By improving your mobility and strength, your swing will become consistent and more powerful. You will hit the ball farther, ball striking will improve, and you will be less prone to injuries. 

Your golf scores will be lower, and more importantly, you will feel great and be able to move better!

Training Philosophy

  • Undergo a mobility and stability screen to evaluate movement dysfunction and imbalances;
  • Correct dysfunctions and imbalances;
  • Improve mobility, balance, and core strength;
  • Add strength, power, & conditioning training once dysfunctions are corrected;
  • If requested, provide nutritional advice to improve overall health throughout the process.

The website content and programs are focused on golfers, but anyone will benefit from these processes.

The workouts, training programs, and nutritional advice will help men and women lose weight, gain strength, and become healthier!

Each workout program is, or can be modified to meet a specific goal whether it be golf performance, athleticism, increase mobility, or weight loss!

Six Step Training Process

Step 1. Swing Analysis

A video analysis of your golf swing will identify if you exhibit any of the 12 most common swing characteristics.

The analysis will also identify possible physical limitations that aren’t allowing you to reach your potential. 

Once physical limitations are identified, a set of exercises will be developed to eliminate them. Ideally, the second step (physical screening) is incorporated into the process to narrow down the possible causes of the swing faults. 

Step 4. Implement

Properly implementing and executing an exercise program is vital to the success of the program and reaching your goals. With today’s technology, it is possible to track workouts and monitor progress remotely.

A personal web page will be set up to track workouts and allow communication regardless of where you live.

If necessary, program modifications will be made to optimize the golf fitness program.

Step 2. Physical Screen

A physical movement and stability screen is the next step after completing a swing analysis.

The information derived from a physical screen, especially when combined with the swing analysis, will give me the necessary information to develop a detailed exercise program to reduce and eliminate physical limitations.

Limitations can be either a mobility or stability issue or a combination of both. The next step, corrective exercises, are the most important aspect of the fitness program. Once your physical limitations fixed, you will move and feel better.   

Step 5. Monitor

Implementation of the plan is monitored by recording improvements, issues, breakthroughs, effort, and any other factor that could affect your performance.

This is purely a documentation phase unless your physical well-being is an issue. In order for the next phase to work, the exercise program needs to be followed and good data need to be collected throughout the workout process. 

Step 3. Developing a Program

The next step in the process is to develop a golf fitness exercise program specifically designed for your particular physical limitations and swing characteristics.

Although exercise programs vary, ideally a 4- to 6-week program is developed. Once the scheduled program has finished you are re-screening to document your progress (see Step 4).

The exercise program can be designed to fit each individual’s fitness level, available equipment, time constraints, and goals. 

Step 6. Reflect

In this step, the plan and its implementation are reflected upon using the data collected in Step 5 and your feedback. If the data and feedback show improvement we go back to Step 1 to document changes in the golf swing.

If there is an issue with the plan, we go to Step 2 and re-assess. Otherwise, the implementation continues, and we proceed back to Step 3 to either add more corrective exercises and continue forward and start the strength & power workouts.


MJ (1)

“I can’t say enough about Todd’s commitment and communication. I felt I had a personal trainer that I could access with questions, comments and feedback – and I did. While I was somewhat reluctant about an online training regime, Todd has demonstrated an ability to connect and actively support his clients. The 6 week program is completed. I had a chance to play golf and the performance was amazing.

– Mike Johnny
Toronto, Ontario


LOP TBS Mathews 2

Todd’s training program has changed my golf game. I have been looking for a program that would be personalized and address my needs, not a one size fits all program. Through the use of physical screens, swing video and one-on-one discussion Todd gave me a realistic program that would challenge me but I was also able to follow.

About two months in, the results have been fantastic. I am swinging easier than ever and have gained 10 yards with all of my clubs.

– Trevor Mathews
ClearWater, Florida


TD-sway copy“The exercises are going well, they are definitely making a difference in my game. My pro was very impressed with what you did for me.”

Toby Draper
Watertown, New York


MJ (2)

“I appreciate the work which Todd has done with me. He offers a holistic program of support which I recommend to anyone serious about their game and their health. Distance-based training can work. Todd’s commitment and the resources at his disposal can help make a positive difference for you.”

– Mike Johnny
Toronto, Ontario

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