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Over 65% of amateur golfers have the Early Extension swing fault. If your swing makes you feel like you're stuck or trapped in the downswing, you probably have Early Extension. The swing characteristic leads to both blocks and hooks.

Using videos you record, I will perform a swing assessment to evaluate if you have any of the 12 most common swing faults. You will receive a detailed analysis containing photos and explanations of the findings. This course has three pricing options. Option 1 is only the swing analysis; Options 2 & 3 includes a six & nine-week exercise program developed specifically to address your swing faults.

TPI Physical Screen and Video Swing Analysis that includes a 6-week golf fitness correction exercise program design specifically for you and the limitations that are identified in the screen & swing analysis. A personal account on the TPI website that contains your fitness program and exercise calendar. The program is hands-on for people in the Central New York area.

This course is a monthly re-occurring golf fitness program. I will use all of the data available to me based on any physical or swing assessment screens or surveys that you have completed to develop a 4-week golf fitness program specifically for you. You can cancel the re-occurring charges at any time.