Athletic Greens Review: Will Green Supplements Improve Your Health?

I know that I don’t include a wide enough diversity of plant foods into my diet to provide all of the nutrition my body needs. 

Even with the best of intentions to increase the vegetables in my diet, I end up eating the same 4 or 5 every week. In the winter my consumption is even less. 

One day while listening to a series of podcasts, I heard Tim Ferris, author of the Four-hour Work Week, and Pat Flinn, creator of the Smart Passive Income Podcast both talk about their use of Athletic Greens and how they feel the product benefits their nutrition and health.

I was very interested, and shortly thereafter, I contact Athletic Greens and they sent me a free sample. 

To get to the point, I’m always skeptical of product claims, especially green drinks, I’ve tried some horrible tasting smoothies and if you can’t drink them, no matter their nutritional worth, they’re useless.

But I’ll have to say, the taste of Athletic Greens grew on me (more on this in the video) and I look forward to my daily Athletic Green drink.

I created a video showing what liquid I mix Athletic Greens with and also so you can see what the product looks like before and after mixing. Click this link to automatically scroll down to see the video.

Disclaimer: I was provided with a sample of Athletic Greens in return for my honest review of their product. The opinions herein, unless otherwise stated, are my own and not influenced by Athletic Greens or their affiliates in any way. Some links in this post may be affiliate links from which I might be compensated with a small percentage of the sale at no additional cost, and in some instances, a lower cost to you, if you purchase from their website after clicking the link. 

Does Athletic Greens Work?

Of course, I have no scientific data that shows I’ve improved my health. All I can do is report what I think and feel the product does.

In fact, I’ve stepped outside the limits of the expected timeframe to write this post, on purpose of course, because I didn’t want an affiliate manager to sway my thoughts before I collected them. I wanted to try the product for a couple of weeks, then skip two or three weeks before continuing to drinking a daily Athletic Green until the product is completely consumed.

I think that’s the best way to see if a product has any effect on my body, mental capacity, and/or mood. 

My Brief Conclusions

First off, I felt no ill effects from Athletic Greens, obviously if it did I wouldn’t be writing this post. 

However, it did take a while for me to find a liquid I liked mixed with Athletic Greens. 

Overall, I have more energy, both physically and mentally, when I take Green (as I call it) 5 or 6 days in a row. 

Not one to normally talk about digestive matters, I feel I need to since Green contains digestive enzymes. I saw no digestive deterioration after taking Green, and I’m not sure I needed any improvement in that area anyway.  

To me, the best benefit of Green was deeper sleep. I woke up much less and felt more rested in the morning. Both times I drank Green for consecutive days my sleep improved and was better than during the hiatus that I took from drinking Athletic Greens. 

Athletic Greens isn’t the cheapest product on the market, but there’s a reason for that, the science and research used to develop a great product cost money. Plus the all-natural ingredients cost more than products that use fillers, corn, and wheat-based byproducts.

I’ll say that when I drink at least one Athletic Green drink in consecutive days I feel more alert, rested, and ready to take the day on then when I don’t.

For more details, my full review is below or you can visit the Athletic Greens Web Site.

Here are some benefits from the Athletic Greens website. I believe all three have some merit.

Athletic Greens has the antioxidant equivalent of 12 servings of vegetables.

11 supplements in a single, delicious scoop of nutrition.

10 years of invested research to develop the highest efficacy, most complete, and truly convenient nutritional insurance.

Athletic Greens Review


Athletic Greens promotes itself as “The only whole food supplement that unlocks your body’s true potential”, and “The most nutrient dense whole food supplement available.” They also have registered the slogans “Premium Superfood Cocktail”, and “Nutritional Insurance.”

Personally, I like the last slogan, as I see that as the reason why I wanted to try Athletic Greens, to consume a wide-spectrum nutritional supplement to ensure my nutritional bases are covered. 


According to the packaging, the supplement uses only 100% natural ingredients and contains no GMO’s, herbicides, pesticides, synthetic chemicals, artificial colors, flavors preservatives or sweeteners. It does not contain, gluten, dairy, corn, lactose, sucrose, dextrose, egg, peanuts, or animal byproducts. 

I like that Athletic Greens contains few carbohydrates, only 4.8-grams per serving, no gluten, corn byproducts, or processed sugars. 

I’m not going to go into depth on the huge list of natural ingredients (around 75 I think) that Athletic Greens contains, rather I’ll show you an image I took from the label. If you’re interested in more detailed information you can learn more on their website

You can see Athletic Greens contains most of the daily vitamins you need and a lesser amount of the minerals.

It’s important to keep in mind that your body can digest and absorb these plant-based vitamins and minerals better than those created synthetically like most of over the counter daily vitamins. 

The next half of the label (below) is the most interesting.  

These are the nutritional complexes that Athletic Greens contains. The raw vegetable & fruits, herbs, antioxidants, digestive enzymes, and probiotics. I do think the non-dairy probiotics are important, most people only get probiotics from dairy and another source can’t hurt. 

To learn more click here to visit the Athletic Greens web site.

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How Prepare Athletic Greens for Optimal Taste

One can’t write an Athletic Greens review without telling how to best prepare it and how it tastes. Let me state that most green drinks, in my opinion anyway, are like eating raw seaweed or cow feed. 

Athletic Greens is the best tasting green drink I’ve ever drunk, including those specialty shop fresh smoothies. But before we get to that let me talk about the raw product.

The Product

Athletic Greens is packaged in a foil bag with a zip lock top that is vacuum sealed. The product is a fine powder and Athletic Greens recommends refrigerating it after opening and to use it within 90-days.

Each package contains a 30-day supply for normal usage, though larger, active people can double up if they want. 

I’ll admit, the fine powder is a bit of a mess. Even though Athletic Green comes with a pre-measured scoop, the powder easily becomes airborne and it gets all over your hand when you reach into the bag. I’d recommend placing the product in a vacuum seal container once you open the foil bag. It will make it easier and you’ll know for sure the product is sealed once in the fridge. 


As fine as the product is, I worried it would clump up when mixing. Surprising, the powder mixes well, even with a spoon, but for best results use a mixer bottle with an agitator. It mixes better that way. 

I also add an ice cube to the bottle, mostly to make it colder, but it helps mix the product too.


Here is where Athletic Greens and I fought. Everyone tries a drink using water first, that’s also what was recommended. It was a no go for me. Just didn’t like it to the point where I knew I’d keep drinking it. 

I also tried cows milk, juices, coconut milk (unflavored and vanilla). The milk (cow & coconut) were good, I think the coconut flavor, even the vanilla flavored coconut milk, wasn’t as good as using plain old cows milk. 

Finally, I tried almond milk. That was the ticket, to me almond milk is the best liquid medium to mix with Athletic Greens. 

I enjoy the flavor and look forward to drinking it every morning, either while I’m making coffee or after I finish my first cup of coffee. I think it gives me extra energy to develop fitness programs, write blog posts, record exercise videos, or whatever else I do for the rest of the day.

Athletic Greens Review Summary

I wasn’t sure that I could ever consume a green supplement drink. I’ve never tasted one that I knew I could continue to drink, and in most cases, I didn’t even want to finish the drink in my hand. 

Knowing my diet lacked plant based nutrition, and hearing good things from people I trusted, I contacted Athletic Greens to get a sample.

I’ll admit, not only was I surprised how good the drink tasted, I actually look forward to drinking it in the mornings.

The taste has a bit of a fruity sour zing but not so much that if puckers you up. Overall, the drink is well-balanced as the drink finishes toward the sweeter side. There is no bad aftertaste, no sourness, bitterness, or that fake sugar taste that many products that use artificial sweeteners leave in my mouth.

I’m not a food scientist, but I researched many (not all) of the ingredients and they appear to all be beneficial for our nutrition. Athletic Greens contains more ingredients than most green supplements. I like that they are all natural, there is no gluten, processed sugars, or corn byproducts. 

The probiotics in Athletic Greens is an added benefit, especially since they’re non-diary probiotics. Dairy-derived probiotics can be obtained from yogurt at a much cheaper cost. 

My takeaways from my Athletic Greens review is that the drink makes me more alert and energic for both physical and mental tasks. 

I most definitely sleep better when drinking Athletic Greens, I’m not sure if it’s due to some of the herbs or because the drink improves my health and provides some of the nutrients that are lacking in my normal diet. 

The product is expensive, but Athletic Greens does offer a monthly subscription that reduces the cost of the product. If you think about it, drinking Athletic Greens is nutritional insurance you should purchase if you eat limited vegetables during any part of the year.

Visit Athletic Greens web site to see the current price. Or click on one of the banners below. 

My honest review of the product is that the product is beneficial and will improve most people’s nutrition. The taste grows on you and I noticed improvements in my sleep as well as my physical and cognitive abilities.

10 years of invested research to develop the highest efficacy, most complete, and truly convenient nutritional insurance – AthleticGreens

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Todd Marsh is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to
As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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