The Best Form of Magnesium – a Natural Calm Review

Last updated Oct 31, 2019 | Published on Sep 9, 2016

Why am I discussing the best form of magnesium on a golf fitness website?

The reason is I get severe leg cramps.

Whenever I over exert myself later in the evening when I’m relaxing or sleeping my calf, quad or hamstring cramps up tight. To the point sometimes that I feel the muscles still pulling the whole next day.

Always have had leg cramps, even as a kid, young adult, even now when I’m in my 50’s.

I presumed it was because I didn’t drink enough water. Being tethered to a water bottle when I’m working or hauling the extra weight of more than a gallon of water up a mountainside or along a trout stream isn’t my idea of a good time.

But I was wrong, the volume of water wasn’t the problem.

Because I noticed that when walking hilly golf courses on hot days while drinking a lot of water during and after the round I still got leg cramps.

That is until I started taking a couple of supplements. The first supplement Nuun helped when I could drink water during an activity like golfing or hiking.

Other times when I couldn’t drink water but drank a ton afterward, I still cramped.

So I did some research and had a hair sample taken for mineral analysis.

Come to find out my body is deficient in magnesium. This is why I’m writing about the best form of magnesium to take as a supplement and the product that has reduced my leg cramps Natural Calm.

Magnesium Deficiencies

I’m not a doctor or a health practitioner, but I do a lot of research on foods and supplements.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not one of those people that take multi-vitamins (what makes me think I need all of the vitamins and minerals that are in that one tablet?) or supplements. I only take three supplements, creatine, magnesium, and Vitamin D (during the winter months). When I work out very hard, I will also use a protein supplement.

From the research, I thought it safe to take a magnesium supplement to see if it would help with the cramping. I also found that magnesium intake has a lot to do with cardiovascular health and other mineral levels.

I’m not expecting you to take my word for it so I will give you a link to an excellent paper on magnesium deficiencies.

This article by Dr. Sircus is a very good summary of the widespread magnesium deficiency problem in humans and maybe more important how magnesium levels control potassium and calcium levels in the body. The article is Calcium Magnesium Balance.

I’m not going to sugar coat this, I wouldn’t trust Dr. Sircus as far as I could throw him, BUT, I’ve looked at and read the articles that he referenced and those are more mainstream science. Other articles back Sircus’s claims and statements.

Another great source of information is Dr. Chris Kresser; he is a doctor I do trust, and he has several articles that outline the benefits of magnesium supplementation. His articles are longer and not as to the point as the Sircus’s article, however.

Best Form of Magnesium Supplement

There’re a lot of different magnesium supplement ingredients on the market. These includes:

  • citrate
  • taurate
  • malate
  • glycinate
  • chloride
  • carbonate
  • oxide
  • sulfate
  • glutamate
  • aspartate

The choices are endless, and they all act a little differently on the body. According to what I have read and other people’s opinions too, the list is in order from best to worst types of magnesium to take.

Cutting to the Chase

I’m sure you care about what the ingredients are; you want to know what is the best form of magnesium you should take and what brand that would be.

There are two answers to that depending on how well you, well, how well you get rid of food.

The best form of magnesium is magnesium citrate if you have normal bowel movements. If you have rather loose movements, then magnesium taurate is your best choice.

Natural Vitality Natural Calm Magnesium Supplement

Natural Calm is the magnesium supplement I recommend. The daily recommend serving size is 2-teaspoons, but since it is a mild laxative I drink a whole pint glass of water with a teaspoon of Natural Calm in it first thing in the morning when I’m going to be active during the day.

Sometimes I drink a glass when I get home from golfing or hiking to be on the safe side.

I also drink a glass almost every night before I go to bed.

Does it calm me down and make me less stressful?

I’m not sure, I do sleep very well, so maybe there is something to that.

I do know that it has helped with the severe cramps. They have all but gone away.

Reducing my leg cramps is the reason I use Natural Calm as a supplement; not for the calming or anti-stress properties.

How Does Natural Calm Taste?

It tastes good if you buy the Raspberry-Lemon Flavor.

Do not, I repeat, Do Not buy any other flavor except Raspberry-Lemon. They taste awful.

But the R-L is good; it has a lemon-like sour taste but not so much that you pucker. 

It isn’t a drink I get all happy about, but it tastes better than drinking another glass of plain water. 

Natural Calm R-L passes the taste test in my opinion. 

As you can see from the label, the magnesium is derived from citrate and carbonate.

The carbonate helps with the acidic properties of the magnesium citrate making a more balanced product.

Natural Calm is a fine white powder that mixes well with water. A teaspoon quickly dissolves in a glass of cold water. The instructions say to mix Natural Calm in 2- or 3-ounces of warm water, then fill the glass with cold or hot water to drink. I have never tried Natural Calm as a hot drink, and I don’t dissolve it in warm water first.

I add it directly to a pint glass of cold water.

Due to the magnesium carbonate in the Natural Calm, it fizzes a little bit when you first add water, it is milky in color and is full of bubbles when you stir it. After a minute or so, the color turns to a transparent white color.

Magnesium Taurate

Natural Calm has never made me run to the bathroom. I notice no differences when I use it compared to when I don’t. But I would test out a half-dose before trying it full-strength. 

However, many people do have digestive issues, in that case, try using magnesium taurate. The brand I recommend is Cardiovascular Research; it is also Amazon’s Choice for top taurate’s. 

Cardiovascular Research Magnesium Taurate comes in tablet form. I have some ordered and will try it and add my observations to this post. The product has over 80% 4- and 5-star reviews on Amazon, though. 

Where to Buy Natural Calm and Cardiovascular Research Mg Taurate

The least expensive place is Amazon. I have seen Natural Calm in my local Wegman’s grocery store, but it was almost half again as expensive. I haven’t seen Mg taurate anywhere, but I would you could pay full price at some of the vitamin stores for it. 

I suggest buying these products at Amazon. 


If you think you are deficient in magnesium, most people are, you should have an analysis done to see what your magnesium level is. If your legs cramp quite often and you seem to drink a lot of water, I would recommend trying Natural Calm. 

I believe the Natural Calm formula it is the best form of magnesium you can take, it dissolves quickly in cold water, helps you sleep, and doesn’t taste bad at all. It’s like drinking orange juice in the morning. 

You can purchase Natural Calm or CR Mg taurate if you have digestive issues, using my Amazon Affiliate links below. 

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