Callaway Wedge Set - Mack Daddy 2 or MD3?

Are you looking for a new Callaway wedge set? 

You have a tough decision in front of you. Do you go with the new MD3 model or the older Mack Daddy 2’s? 

Both models feel very similar to each other, but let’s see what the reviewers and users are saying about the differences. 

The Mack Daddy 2 model comes in many lofts (46-60), three sole grinds, and two finishes. 

Mack Daddy 2 wedges are going fast so don’t take too long to make up your mind. Not all lofts, finishes, and grinds are available. You can also check out Callaway’s Pre-owned website and save money Click here.

Callaway Wedge Set Mack Daddy 2 Slate and Chrome Standard Grind

Let’s discuss the wedge grind features.

What is the standard grind, what course conditions the standard grind is designed for, and what type of golfer can take advantage of the standard grind?

The standard grind, or S-sole, has a straight leading edge. This is good for golfers who play the majority of their wedge shots with the face square to the target i.e. no flop shots.

In other words, they don’t open the face up much. My 52-degree wedge has the standard grind as I don’t often open the face and use it mostly from the fairway on longer shots.

The standard grind, also lowest amount of bounce, about 10-degrees, which means it works well in firmer conditions.


Callaway Wedge Set Mack Daddy 2 C-grind

The C-grind has a sole shape similar to the letter “C” as the leading edge of the toe and heel portions of the clubface are shorter than the middle section.

If you take big divots this is the grind for you. Less leading edge means that the club will have less resistance when it digs into the ground.

With the middle of the leading edge lower to the ground it also makes it easier to get the clubface under the ball in tight cut fairways. The 14-degrees of bounce also help keep the club from digging deeper on wet, soft conditions. Or for that matter, soft sand in the bunkers.

Callaway Wedge Sets Mack Daddy 2 U-grind

If you want to be like Phil, this is the club for you. The concave sole gives the golfer a lot of versatility in its use. 

It has a round leading edge making it easier to get the club under the ball and higher into the air for softer shots around the green.

In the square position the wedge has a 10-degree bounce, but because of its round shape when you open up the face the bounce also increases. 

The U-grind is also the cut you want if you hit steeply down on the ball.

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Mack Daddy 2 Wedges

Mack Daddy 2 wedges come with True Temper Dynamic Gold S300 shafts. 

User and tester reviews are mostly 5-stars except for a couple of people that didn’t like the supplier service and had nothing to do with the clubs. Most testers and users liked how the club looked at address and how the ball felt coming off the clubface.

Mack Daddy 2’s Going Fast

As I mentioned, not all of these wedges may be available at retailers. It is a great club but now is an older model. 

As an older model, the prices are very reasonable ranging from $70 to $119 depending on loft and grind. 

An Even Cheaper Route

If you are really looking for a deal look no further than the wedges on the Callaway Certified Pre-owned Website. These clubs are professional cleaned and graded so you know exactly what you are getting. 

Follow this link to the Certified Pre-Owned Callaway Golf Clubs Once on the website go to the tab labeled golf club at the top of the website, then click on the wedge link and all of the models available will be listed.

The Callaway Pre-Owned Golf Clubs go through a 10 point inspection plan. There is a 90-day refund policy, as well as a 12-month warranty on the clubs you buy from that site. You also get a certificate of authenticity so you know they are not Chinese rip-offs. 

Some of these wedges on the Callaway Pre-owned site are going for under $50. 

Callaway Wedge Set MD3 – What’s New?

The name is new I guess. It appears that Callaway is trying to get away from the Mack Daddy name and only listing the new wedges under MD3. 

Wonder what that stands for? *add sarcasm font*

As far as the design there are some changes. Those 4 holes-depressions on the bottom back of the club actually have a purpose. Besides the cool look, the holes remove weight from the sole and move it higher up the clubface. Callaway says this will help control trajectory and keep the ball flight down while still having the same spin rate and biting action.

The holes will make cleaning the clubs harder and with my course conditions will be full of soil most of the year due to moist conditions.

There are a couple new sole grinds as well.  

Callaway MD3 is a Golf Digest Gold star choice. One of the highest rated wedges for 2016.

The photos below are of the S-grind which hasn’t changed since the release of Mack Daddy 2’s.

Callaway Wedge Set MD3 C-grind

The C-grind is the same as the Mack Daddy 2 C-grind. 

Callaway Wedge Set MD3 W-grind

The W-grind is new with the MD3’s. The “W” stands for wide. Instead of increasing the bounce, Callaway increased the width of the sole. It is longer from leading edge to the back of the club head. 

Users and reviewers are saying that the W-grind is very forgiving and makes it easier to play the ball in all the conditions. The rounded toe allows for the club to be played open, even with the wider sole.

Reviews for Callaway MD3 Wedge

Reviewers and users both, are rating these wedges very high. Reviewers are in love with the club stating that adding the W-grind to the higher loft wedges is a no brainer.

Obviously, the price for the MD3’s is higher than the MD2’s. The new technological advances to the club probably justify the price. 

Remember, if you have clubs to trade-in or want to save a few dollars on used golf clubs that have gone through a grading process, check out Callaway Preowned website.

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Todd Marsh is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to
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