15 Great Christmas Gifts That Every Fitness Enthusiast Needs

Last updated Apr 14, 2020 | Published on Nov 17, 2016

Are you looking for fitness gifts for that someone special? 

But you’re not sure if you should get them a fitness related gift? Would they be insulted? I wouldn’t hesitate, fitness equipment makes great gifts! 

Especially if they’re talking about fitness or working out. They’ll be glad to know that you’re listening to them! 

Here are 15 of the most common pieces of equipment that every home gym needs. 

Loop Bands

These bands are used by themselves to strengthen muscles or used during other exercises to activate the core. These simple little bands are very helpful. These are a must have for any conditioning program and home gym.

Resistance Bands

These resistance bands are a staple in the home gym and can be used in the place of dumbbells, cable machines, rowers, press machines; you name it, and you can do exercises with these inexpensive bands. Bodylastic is the brand I use and recommend. A home gym isn’t a gym without these.

Grey Cook Band

TPI made the Grey Cook band famous in the golfing world as they use them all the time in their golf fitness exercises. I’ll admit, they’re handy for a lot of exercises that other bands just can’t do as well. The quality of this resistance band is excellent and will last for years if properly used. 

Pull-up Assist Bands

These strong bands by WOD Fitters are used to assist with pull-ups. Wrap them around a bar, and you can help you get your reps in when you can’t lift yourself. Pull-ups are a key to a healthy body, using these bands when you start will help you get the number of reps in so you’ll be able to eventually lift yourself up and over the bar.

Rad Roller

Use this roller on your T-spine, shoulders, or other hard to reach places. The roller is easier to use instead of two tennis balls taped together like I’m using now. This Rad roller is on my Christmas list!  Rad also has a lot of other great products.

The Stick

The Stick is my favorite roller. I use this instead of a foam roller because it is easier to find the knots and I don’t have to roll around on the floor. Plus you can put more pressure on a smaller area with this great piece of equipment. The rod inside the rollers bends just enough to fit the contours of your legs, yet have enough support to place pressure on the knots.

Foam Roller

I mostly use The Stick, but millions of other people use rollers, so I included one in this gift idea post. I like the rubber foam roller better than the ones made of foam because they will last longer and have less chance of ripping.

TRX Bands

These straps will work your core like no other!  The straps work all parts of your body with almost every exercise. In reality, the TRX is as good as a full body workout! This piece of equipment is on my Christmas list too!  I have a friend that teaches a fitness class exclusively with TRX bands, and it will kick your ass. TRX is a great company, and they offer a 1-year risk-free get your money back guarantee.

Stability Ball

This simple piece of equipment is used in a lot of movement exercises and as an unstable platform. It also makes a great chair to practice good posture. We have all seen stability balls in use. They are a home gym equipment staple. 

Slam Ball

What can be more fun that slamming a ball onto the floor as hard as you can? Nothing, and that is what slam balls are made for. These are great to help build power. When I first bought a medicine ball, it was one of the bouncy ones. Yeah, smashed my face a couple of times before I purchase one that stays put. Plus, it’s good exercise to bend down to grab it once you slam it. Make sure to buy at least a 20-pound ball.

Wall Ball

Same benefits as a slam ball, only wall balls can be used for rotational power. It’s not as dense as a slam ball and won’t go through walls as easily! They can also be thrown to another person and back. These balls aren’t made to be thrown against the floor. The biggest complaint people have with wall balls is they don’t hold up. That’s because they slam them into the floor. They are made softer to hit walls. 

Adjustable Dumbbells

Why buy a ton of dumbbells when this adjustable set can take the place of them all?  No need to buy sets of dumbbells. Adjustment is easy and the grip is wide enough that it isn’t a problem with your hand getting stuck. I’ve been buying sets of dumbbells as I could afford them. I stopped buying them once I tried out this same adjustable dumbbell set. These dumbbells will be my next large fitness purchase. A must for any home gym!


Kettlebells help build power and strength. They can also be used for rows and other one-handed exercises. I like to lift them overhead with the bell upside down. This builds up grip strength. Go with a heavy competition kettlebell, at least 40-pounds if not heavier. Competition means that all of the kettlebells regardless of weight are the same size.

Olympic Weight Set

Old fashion weights! Nothing beats a deadlift or barbell rows with a full-size bar. Most people won’t be doing a lot of overhead work or even squats with a bar so you don’t need the best set. The set below will work for 99% of the people. This piece of equipment will build leg strength like no other. It’s a must have for any home gym. If you want to add power to your golf shots you need to build up leg and glute strength. Nothing does that like deadlifts.

Functional Trainer – Cable Machine

Yes, these cost some serious money, but they are a serious piece of gym equipment. Even though you can make do with other equipment in place of this functional trainer, once you get one it’s like heaven! You won’t need a lot of other fitness equipment if you have a functional trainer. They are so versatile. If you can afford it, you need to get one for yourself or loved one. Aren’t they worth it?

A top quality one from Life Fitness is a better choice, but if you can make due with the one below.

My List of Home Gym Christmas Gifts

With that equipment any home gym is complete. Remember fitness is a life long commitment. There’s no need to buy all of it at once, and some of the equipment can take the place of several pieces. 

So planning out your purchases is the way to go. 

When you pick out one here and there, before you know it you have a complete home gym! 

What I like about my home gym is that I can use it when I have a free minute or two. Another benefit is that others will use it. I couldn’t get my daughters to a gym if I wanted too. But both of them will use the equipment now that’s in the house. 

So take the plunge and start your home gym, whether it’s for you or your loved one it is a investment in your health for both of you!


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