12 Most Common Swing Characteristics

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Early Extension

Body moves forward toward the ball.

Hanging Back

No weight transfer toward the target during downswing.

Flat Shoulder Plane

Golfer stands up out of posture during backswing.


Golfer has a hunched back at address.


Lower back looks like a saddle at address.

Over The Top

Shoulders rotate horizontally a start of downswing.


Body moves toward target during downswing.


Body moves away from target during backswing.

Lose of Posture

Golfers body angles change during the swing.

Scooping – Early Release – Casting

Three swing characteristics caused by wrist early wrist movement.

Reverse Spine Angle

Upper spine is closer to target than the lower spine.

Chicken Winging

The lead arm is bent when club strikes the ball.

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