Preparing your body for physical activity is a no-brainer. 

Warming up isn’t just for professional athletes, anyone attempting strenuous activity should prepare their body. 

But how many golfers warm-up before they play?

I’m not talking about touching your toes, practice swings, or hitting balls on the range. To play your best, your body needs more preparation than bending over and stretching out your hamstrings.

I have mentioned the importance of warming up in other articles and also research that has shown a significant increase in driving distance when you prepare your body correctly. Read more about this in Are You Interested in Longer Drives and Better Scores?

I followed up that article with Are Static or Dynamic Stretches Better for Golfers, in which I mentioned that before playing golf dynamic warm-up stretches are better for you than static stretches. 

A recent research article has shown that a dynamic warm-up using resistance bands increased golfer’s clubhead speed and ball carry. 

In this post, I will show you the stretches that Dr. Ben Langdown used in his research that increased golfers average ball carry by about 6-yards over those that used static stretching to warm-up.

Dynamic Warm-up with Bands

The dynamic warm-up with bands isn’t my idea, in fact, the dynamic warm-up shown below is from a TPI article by Dr. Ben Langdown and Jack Wells. 

I wanted to share it with you because I think dynamic warm-ups are important for golfers.

After all, I hear all the time from golfers how they want to lower their handicap, play better, score better, and win more money from their friendly weekend matches.

But it’s a lot of talk. 

Sure they might get a bucket of balls and aimlessly pound drivers down the range, or hit short chip shots to a pin and not take the time to learn how they hit the shot when they stick it close. It’s more like they’re going through the motions rather than learning from the experience. 

I know I’m generalizing, some people take their preparation seriously, and those are the people I want to help. 

Maybe I can convince you that a simple, quick, dynamic warm-up might do more for your game than their 2-hour practice session.

A double-bogey on the first hole isn’t a way to start a round of golf. Preparing your body for that first golf shot with a dynamic warm-up might do more than hitting a bucket of range balls. 

Ok, end of rant.

Back to Dynamic Warm-ups

The TPI article reports that golfers that used a dynamic warm-up with resistance bands (exercises are shown below) increased their clubhead speed, and their golf ball carried significantly compared to golfers that didn’t warm-up or used static stretches. 

At the end of the article the authors, without saying as much, backtrack a little, but I believe they are testing their hypothesis more before stepping out further on the limb. 

My Test

This weekend I threw my Loop Bands and a couple of Resistance Tube Bands in the car and used them to warm-up before my rounds.

I’m not sure I had more carry distance, as I didn’t hit any practice balls before I teed off, but I will say that I felt ready to play on the first tee. 

My usual dynamic warm-up consists of high knees, lunges, lunges with twists, step-forward swings, lateral side-bends, and supported deep squats, as well as ankle mobility exercises when I put on my golf shoes.

After doing the dynamic warm-up with bands I could feel that my legs could really push off the ground, and my shoulders felt very free and not tight. 

I do think that my body was more prepared play, especially my shoulders and T-spine. On the first tee, it felt like I could rotate around my spine better than usual and I didn’t have to stretch or shake off any muscle tightness after I hit the ball. 

Here Are the Dynamic Warm-up Exercises with Bands

Band Walks – Crab Walks

Band walks are great for the glutes. 

They seem so simple and stupid until you do them and find your butt cheeks on fire with pain. 

The Crab Walks below are band walks with some arm motion. 

Place a band around your knees with your feet shoulder width apart. Find some place where you can step laterally 20- or 30-feet without tripping over anything. Move the lead foot 12- or 18-inches, and once that foot is planted move the trail leg to the shoulder width position. Don’t do these very fast, be deliberate and my guess is within 20-feet your ass will be burning. 

Now, the crab portion of the warm-up takes some getting used to. The movement will really warm up your wrists. But I will admit, it ‘s hard to do, sort of like patting your head while rubbing your stomach at the same time. 

If there are people in the locker room, or out on the range when you are warming up this exercise might look a little silly. That is until you bomb your first drive past them. 

Jennifer Fleisher shows the crab walk in the video below. 

Speed Skaters

Jennifer also shows how to do speed skaters with the loop bands. 

Another hard exercise, actually I should retract that statement. I need to remember this is a warm-up, we aren’ doing multiple sets.

Only do five or six with each leg. The idea isn’t to get a workout in; it is to activate and loosen up your muscles. 

The key with this warm-up is not to bend at the waist when you put your leg back. You have to lean forward, yes, but not so much that you are looking at the ground. 

You will feel this warm-up in your glutes (again), hamstrings, and quads. 

Shoulder Blade Retractions with Band

I think this warm-up made a big difference in my preparedness on the first tee. 

My shoulders felt loose, and I didn’t feel a pull in my chest on my first few swings that I typically feel. 

The exercise is easy. Take a tube resistance band and grip it with both hands. Retract your shoulder blades when you open up your arms and chest. Feel like you are pinching someone’s hand between your shoulder blades when you retract them. 

I started the video below at the point where Buff Dude shows shoulder blade retractions. The portion of the video I want you to watch is only a few seconds long, no need to watch the whole video unless you want too. 

Twisting Band Lunges

I was surprised how much better the bands helped me warm-up over the normal twisting lunge I do during my old routine. 

The resistance of the band made the muscles activate and prepared them for my golf swing much better than without the resistance. 

In the video below, the guy has his knee planted on the floor and the band anchored to the side of him. 

I pinned the band in front of me, so the resistance not only came from the side but also the front. I think anchoring the band in front of you is the better way to the warm-up exercise.

Depending on your experience with lunges and physical shape try to keep the back knee up off the floor. If you have to plant it to stay balanced, it is ok, but the goal is to eventually keep your knee off the floor. 

Stomp and Rotate

I couldn’t find a video of this dynamic warm-up and my attempt at making a high-quality video didn;t go so well. Rather than give you a dimly lit video with poor sound quality, I stuck with an image taken from the TPI website and the article by Langdown and Wells. I hope they are ok with me using the picture with full credit towards them. 

Notice in the image that there are two bands, the loop band is up above the knees with the legs pushed apart enough to create tension on the band, and there is a tube resistance band behind his back held by both hands. 

When you do this warm-up, don’t let the tension pull your legs or arms together; keep tension on the bands.

Get into a golf posture and rotate into your backswing position and then into your follow through position. Don’t rush the motion, and concentrate on keeping tension on the bands.

If you have a tendency to early extend, here is a good time to practice keeping your butt back and rotate your hips and shoulders while staying in your golf posture. 

You can see how the golfer keeps his golf posture in the image.

I like to do this dynamic warm-up last as it gives me a good feel for my swing before I go out and play. 

You Can Purchase Bands at Amazon

You can use my Amazon affiliate link to purchase bands if you’re willing to improve your game. I will receive a very small commission if you purchase products using these links at no added cost to you. I would appreciate the support so I can bring you more game improving content. 

Loop Bands

I use Phantom Fit Resistance Loop Bands.

For tubing resistance bands I like the kit from Bodylastic. I have used mine for several years without any breakage.

Try they Dynamic Warm-ups with Bands

Do these warm-ups prepare you better for the first tee?

Let me know, I would be interested to know your thoughts about the exercises and whether you think they help more than another warm-up routine, including just hitting golf balls.

You can comment below or go to my contact page to drop me a line. 

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