It was if she slapped me across my face. It wasn’t the question or the words that stung, it was my lack of attention towards the topic.

All she said was:

“So how has your golf game been lately.”

Sometimes simple words have a dramatic effect. My only reply was:


Not a total lie, I would play 15 or 16 holes well, but the last 2 or 3 were killing me.

Late in the round I was getting tired.

It isn’t a coincidence that I have been eating poorly, and not hydrating before or during the round.

Guilt also hit me, that early extension swing fault that I have wanted to work on, well, I haven’t addressed it and late in the round my back has been hurting me.

Here I am trying to convince others to become fitter and I’m sitting on my ass working all of the time.

I’m not even following my advice on exercise and diet.

This has to stop. I need to be better.

A Little Background

At My Worst

At my worst I weighed over 260-pounds. With my tall and wide 6′-3″ frame, I carried the weight well, at least when I was wearing XXL shirts.

My diet consisted of bread, baked goods, sweets, meat, very few vegetables, and pasta.

I got little exercise, really all I did was walk the golf course.

I had mild to severe knee pain almost continuously and relied on over-the-counter painkillers.

I couldn’t walk down the stairs in the morning unless I either held on to the railing or moved down one step at a time until my knee was loosened up.

I chalked it up to my turning 50.

My age was the issue, not my lack of effort to get better.

At My Best

After being coerced to give CrossFit a try, I found the fitness bug.

The forced 30-day elimination diet and the 3 or 4 killer workouts each week did the trick.

During my 7-month stint of CrossFit, I learned how to workout hard, and the weight started to come off.

I didn’t get to my best shape, but it was a start.

What I did learn was that:

  1. I was out of shape
  2. I needed to eat better
  3. I could become stronger
  4. I could get in shape
  5. My age wasn’t an issue
  6. My knee pain wasn’t arthritis or skiing injuries
  7. There was hope.

The problem was other injuries.

Now I’m not blaming CrossFit for my injuries.

It is (because they are still doing it) the gym and trainer(s) that I blame.

Editor’s note: Wow, this turned into a rant. I’m not going to bore you with details, but I was always getting hurt in the workout of the day (WOD). For the following reasons:

  1. I didn’t want to get beat by other people -competitiveness
  2. Didn’t want to be last – too much pride
  3. I was screened incorrectly and was allowed to do exercises that I didn’t have the physical mobility or stability to do – poor training
  4. Wasn’t taught the proper way to lift – inadequate training
  5. There were too many clients in the workout; one trainer couldn’t watch everyone well enough – gym owner issue
  6. I was too stubborn to admit I was hurt. – yeah I’m stubborn

Look at this photo from a Crossfit workout. This is what it is like. The fit dudes are finished; there are women in the workouts that kick-ass, people of all skill levels are in the same class and the women to the left look like she is going to puke.

But it was fun! Not that I recommend it to all people. 

Todd Marsh Fitness

Now did I have some blame for the injuries?

For sure.

But the gym wanted the money, they weren’t going to exclude you from the workouts if you weren’t ready because they wanted/needed the $120/month. 

The owner didn’t want to put two trainers in a group of 20-25 people and have to pay both of them. We were told in the beginning that there would be one trainer per 10 to 12 people. 

The trainer was inexperienced or didn’t feel comfortable to tell people to stop and use less weight, or to do a modification to the exercise.

All I knew was I had to stop getting hurt; something wasn’t right.

Exercise should give you a sore/tired muscle feeling, not a Goddamn it frigging hurts my shoulder when I lift my arm over my head feeling.

So I learned the proper way to lift weights. I took the time to educate myself.

I read the good and bad traits of a Paleo-diet and modified it until it worked well for me.

I was down to 226-pounds at my lowest, I didn’t need an XXL shirt to cover my gut, and I lost 4-inches off my waist.

My knee pain went away, I can run downstairs again, I was lighter on my feet, and I was a more confident person.

The process works.

Well What Happened

Early in 2015 I started to develop this golf fitness website and an affiliate marketing business.

Now I sit at my desk way too much. I am busy and get lazy about cooking a healthy dinner or eating on a schedule. I have learned that once you reach the age of 50 the adage of

“use it or lose it”

is a truth.

I’m a hypocrite. The regression of my diet and the lack of a concerted workout program under the disguise of being too busy are bullshit.

The hypocrisy stops here. Now.

Exercise and Diet Changes

So moving forward I am going to put my exercise and diet to the forefront.

I will work on my physical limitations, specifically, me sitting in front of a computer all day has weakened my glutes and hip flexors.

Once I could palm the floor when I did toe touches, now I can’t even touch my toes.

I can’t squat and keep my chest upright or get my thighs below parallel to the floor.

In future posts, I will provide the corrections that I will use to fix these limitations. I know these will be useful, only one person I have screened this year has been able to touch their toes correctly, and no one has been able to pass the squat test.

So many of you must be in the same boat.

I will also try to convince you that fitness starts in the kitchen.

The quickest way to become fit is finding the proper food for your body.

Early Extension Swing Fault

One of my swing faults is Early Extension.

I want to start my exercise program to correct this swing fault because it does cause me back pain late in my golf rounds.

You can read about it in this post, Early Extension in the Golf Swing, and the pictures below show my early extension swing fault.

As you see, I lower my head as the hips move towards the ball. My upper back has to bow out to accommodate my hips and head coming closer together, which besides hurting the back could result in neck and shoulder pain.

The cause of early extension can be tightness in either the calf and hamstring muscle groups.

Another cause could be the recruitment of the lower back muscles and hamstrings during the downswing because my glutes are weak.

To test for early extension, video the swing from the down-the-line view. Start at the address position and draw a vertical line on my back edge of then butt.

The red line hasn’t moved since the camera is on a tripod. At the top of the backswing, you can see that my butt has already moved forward, toward the ball position.

As you can see, I have decreased the area for my arms to swing through the ball.

I am making it hard to swing inside to out.

At contact with the ball, you can see the gap between the red line and my butt has increased.

I have significantly decreased the distance between the ball and my hips making it harder to hit the ball.

This is Early Extension and it can lead to back pain.

Corrections – Diet and Need for Better Nutrition

Plain and simple, I need to eat better.

I have been eating too much bread, corn chips, and sugar.

My body has responded by becoming inflamed and gaining weight.

As you can see in the photos above, I have started to form a gut again.

In fact, I just weighed myself for this blog post, and I am up to 252 pounds. I ideally want to be in the 220’s with more muscle and less fat.

As I mentioned before, once you reach 50-years of age and you don’t exercise you start to lose muscle fast.

Don’t believe me? Just wait until you reach 50, you will see.

I have a crap load of posts on nutrition and will list some of them below.

You can also go to my categories on the sidebar and click Nutrition to view them all.

Corrections – Exercise and Diet

In the next few posts, I will go through my TPI physical screen to identify why I have the early extension swing fault.

From there I will develop an exercise program to correct the issue to show you how well the program works.

Now, this is not an immediate fix; it will take a while, and you will see the process develop and work.

As far as nutrition, I will explain how to determine the proper foods for you, and how I will correct my eating issues.

I have mentioned it before, but I love food, especially foods with sugar in it, so that will be interesting.

This post has been pretty much about me. I am sorry for that.

But I wanted to show you that not everyone can be like Robert Yang and have perfect nutritional habits.

Hopefully documenting my journey will be helpful to you.

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