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Put the Horse in Front of the Cart and Get With the Fitness Program

When I scroll down my Twitter feed, which is @todd_fitness if you want to follow me, I see many golfers that want to improve their swing, gain distance, and score better.

Don’t get me wrong; there are plenty of people sharing photos of the courses they play, their best scores, and some funny golf memes.

But, I want to comment on the first batch, those that want to improve.

In those tweets, they’re looking for new clubs, swing tips, anything that will help their game.

Very few of them are asking for fitness tips.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that if you worked on mobility and core strength, you would get more gain than with new clubs or swing instruction.

Any money you spend on clubs and swing instruction is a waste until you improve your mobility and core strength. Adding a fitness program before or along with swing instruction is the way to improve.

Don’t Believe Me?

Then I challenge you to prove me wrong. 

Swing Instruction and Golf Clubs

You might get the idea that I’m anti-swing instruction and don’t believe golf clubs and balls can help golfers improve.

That isn’t the case at all.

In the end, it’s the swing instructor that will help you with your swing; those new clubs will do what you want them to do.

However, before you see a swing instructor, your body will need to move in the ways he needs to improve your swing.

Oh, the swing instructor will try to help you now, but she will only be able to improve on what she has to work with.

It might help your game.

But, the better mobility you have (I’m lumping mobility & stability together), the more she will be able to help you.

A Swing Instructor is Like a Sculptor

Do you think Michelangelo could create David with an inferior piece of marble?

Hell no.

Same with your swing. The swing instructor can only teach you to put the club into positions that you can reach.

If you can’t keep your lower body stable and rotate your shoulders around your spine, there is no way you can lengthen your backswing without losing posture.

If you can’t keep your posture, you have two choices.

One, limit your backswing.

Two, loss posture and stand more upright so you can rotate more, then hope like hell that you can get your body back into your address position and bring the clubface to the ball in the correct arc.

Good luck repeating that 50 times during a round of golf.

That is one example, I’m not even going to cover early extension, sway, slide, early release, over-the-top, and any of the other swing characteristics that could cause you to miss hit a golf ball.


Once you can move better by improving your mobility, you have in essence removed all the brittle fractures within your block of marble; she can sculpt a wonder golf swing for you.

Don’t believe me, ask your swing instructor this question.

“If I had better mobility, could you improve my swing more in a shorter period of time”

She is going to say “Yes.”

I have found that many of the old school swing instructors don’t recommend seeing a fitness professional because they think we’re taking money out of their pockets.

Sorry if you’re a swing instructor and think that is harsh, but that has been my experience.

In reality, a fitness professional is going to make the swing instructor’s job easier and make them look better in the eyes of their clients.


Swing instructors and fitness professionals work better as a team than as individuals.

Don’t think so, look at the professional golfers, they have a team, swing professional, fitness professional, physio professional, mental game coach, and maybe a separate short game coach.

The professionals know that the team approach is how they improve.

Here is an example from Ryan Moore.

Now professional golfers are trying to improve on the 1% of their game they are missing.

Most of us are missing more that 1%, so the best approach is to work on being able to move correctly, so the swing instructor can groove your swing.

Find Out

The best way to know what is or isn’t moving properly in your body is to go through a mobility screen.

Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) has looked at ten’s of thousands if not hundred’s of thousands golfer’s swing and compared it to how well they move.

TPI has come up with several mobility assessments that can be used to determine if a mobility or stability issue is causing a swing characteristic that might be detrimental to the golfer’s swing.

It seems reasonable that the lack of mobility will show up as a swing characteristic in a video of golfer’s swing.

If a swing characteristic shows up in the video, a swing or fitness instructor that is TPI Certified can ask the golfer to perform a simple mobility assessment to narrow down exactly what is causing the swing characteristic and making you spray the golf ball around the course.

The fitness professional then recommends some exercises that will improve the mobility and allow you to make a better swing.

My Challenge For You

I mentioned earlier a challenge for you.

If you don’t believe the swing video program will help you, I want you to try a mobility challenge.

The next few articles I publish will be part of the overall mobility assessment. I will break them down into one assessment per article.

The assessments are quick and easy and the equipment you have, a 6-iron, and an alignment rod, and a chair.

Do the assessments to see if your mobility needs some improvement.

Remember, TPI has tested this on thousands of people. If you have one of these mobility limitations, it most likely affects your swing.

Not all swing characteristics are faults, you can have a characteristic and still play golf, but eliminating them gives you a much higher probability of having a better golf swing.

Adding a fitness program after the assessment to eliminate the swing faults will pay-off sooner than later.

Bookmark This Page

Bookmark this page and check back weekly, I will add a link to the mobility assessments right in this section of the article.

Mobility Screening Articles

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  4. Forearm Rotation: Wrist Supination and Pronation Mobility Test for Golfers
  5. Wrist Bowing: Wrist Flexion or Bowing – Mobility Tests for Golfers
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Don’t Agree with Me?

Leave a comment below and let’s talk about it. 

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