You say you’re going to get in better shape and go to the gym every day, but will you?

Going to the gym three or four times a week is an investment in your time. Getting your gym bag ready, having a change of clothes, driving to the gym, waiting for equipment to free up, taking a shower at the gym before you head to work, all that time adds up and takes away from your free time.

I know, I have gone through it. The hassle makes it easier to come up with excuses why you shouldn’t workout. 

If I told you that with these five pieces of golf exercise equipment you could do almost every type of exercise needed to improve your game right from your house would you be more likely to exercise?

There would be no travel time, no waiting for equipment, no moldy gym showers, or dropping your work clothes in the mud puddle on your way into the gym.

Invest in these five types of golf exercise equipment instead of paying for a monthly gym membership and the equipment will be available to you for years to come without any additional cost.

The 5 Types of Golf Exercise Equipment

The five types of golf exercise equipment are portable; we aren’t talking about large cable machines, squat racks, or leg press machines. 

Don’t get me wrong; I love cable machines, squat racks, and Olympic weight sets, and as useful as they are you can work the same muscles with much smaller and less expensive equipment. 

golf exercise equipment medicine ballThe five types of golf exercise equipment that at a minimum I recommend are:

  • Resistance Bands
  • Foam & Massage Rollers
  • Adjustable Dumbbells
  • Pull-up Bar
  • Medicine Balls

I will explain the five types of golf exercise equipment and show you examples of each below.

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Resistance Bands

The first type of golf exercise equipment I recommend you purchase is resistance bands. 

I have used Bodylastic bands for many years, and they hold up well and come with all the attachments that you will need to anchor the bands without having to anchor supports in the walls. 

These resistance bands also come with ankle straps so they can also be used for leg workouts. 

Some examples are shown below.

The second type of resistance band is used around the legs to activate the core or in glute exercises. 

Both types are necessary for almost any golf fitness program.

Foam & Massage Rollers

The second type of golf exercise equipment I recommend is a foam roller and massage roller. 

I like to use both. The foam roller is useful on the T-spine. You will see most people use foam rollers on their calfs, hamstrings, and quads. But I don’t think they do as good a job as the massage rollers because it is hard to position your body to put pressure in the right spot.

There are all kinds of fancy foam rollers with knobs and whatnot attached to them. But when it comes to the back, you want a smooth roller, and the hard foam works just fine.

The massage roller is what I like to use for the calfs, thighs, and hamstrings. You can direct more pressure to the spots that need work with the hand massage roller. This is a must have piece of golf exercise equipment.

Adjustable Dumbbells

Having a set of dumbbells is crucial to any fitness program, but dumbbells sell around $1/pound. That is expensive if you want to have two dumbbells with 5-pound increments from 10 up to 50 pounds. 

Luckily, there a much cheaper solution. Although they aren’t as compact as regular dumbbells, the adjustable weight dumbbells are relatively economical. They are a little bigger and maybe slightly more cumbersome, but for the price you can’t beat them. 

Pull-up Bar

There is no better indicator of fitness than a pull-up. 

It isn’t talked about much in golf fitness articles but having strong shoulders and good back strength is important. Next time you watch a PGA Tour event look at the backswing of your favorite player. You can usually see well-defined lat muscles. 

Most people do have trouble doing pull-ups. So to help, put your knee in the loop of a wide resistance band that is goose-neck tighten around the bar. This will help you lift your weight. As you get stronger, use a lighter resistance band to help lift your body. 


Here are the wide resistance bands. 


Medicine Ball

A must have piece of golf exercise equipment is the medicine ball. I like two different kinds, slam balls that you pick up over your head and slam on the floor; and, the harder, more bouncy medicine balls that you throw against a wall or to a workout partner. 

The first are slam balls, they don’t bounce, which is good when you slam it as hard as you can from over your head to the floor. If you use a regular medicine ball, it will bounce back up, and if you’re not careful it will smash into your face. 


And then there is the regular medicine ball, these are tough, durable, and can take punishment against concrete. 

That’s All You Need

These five types of golf exercise equipment are all you need to do most of the basic golf fitness exercises. I’m not saying there aren’t other types of equipment that come in handy or are better tools for some exercises. But, with these five types of equipment and your body weight, you can develop a helluva workout.

Any fitness professional can develop a great at-home golf fitness program if you have equipment listed above. 

Build a Home Gym

These five types of equipment will start your home gym. 

It is nice to have a home gym; you’ll work out more, the equipment is yours forever, no wasted time traveling to the gym, get up and 20 minutes later you done. 

You can read more about home gyms in my article Build a Home Gym and Save Money.

A home gym is an investment in your health and fitness. Instead of spending the money on a gym membership that you visit maybe six times a month, invest the money in your own equipment. 

It is well worth it!


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