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How You Can Add Power to Your Golf Swing – DJ vs. Rahm

You're right, that isn't Dustin Johnson or Jon Rahm in the image. Sorry, I didn't have six bills to drop to buy a copyrighted image. But watching those two in the finals of the WGC Match Play gave me the idea to write an article on how you can add power to your golf...

What I Learned About Golf Fitness at the Hardware Store

What I Learned About Golf Fitness at the Hardware Store What does a golfer do in the spring when it's raining and there is still snow on the ground? Work on those Hunny-do lists, of course. Why not get all of those home improvement projects out of the way before the...

What Do You Need To Do To Increase Your Driver Swing Speed?

We all want to increase our driver swing speed. Comparing the swings of the longest hitters might give us a clue as to what will help our golf swings the most. Common swing traits of the long hitters can be assumed to be important if we apply these characteristics to our swings in all likelihood we will increase our swing speed. The common traits amongst the long hitters are good ankle mobility, strong glutes, the ability to separate movement between the upper and lower body, and being able to freely posteriorly and anteriorly tilt the pelvis.

Tips for Starting a Golf Fitness Workout Program

Here are some tips for starting a golf fitness workout program. In reality, the tips work for anyone that is looking to get back in the gym. Every day people decide that today is the day to get back into shape. Whether they are trying to improve sport-specific...

Wrist Extension or Cupping – Mobility Test for Golfers

Wrist extension or cupping is the sixth mobility screen I use to evaluate the mobility and stability of golfers. The lack of wrist mobility during the backswing and downswing can lead to swing compensations that will cause inconsistent ball striking and could lead to...

How to Increase Your Golf Swing Speed with Core Training

Do you want to increase your golf swing speed? I've never heard anyone say their swing speed is too fast, they may swing too hard, but there is never enough swing speed. How do you increase your swing speed? Well, advances in golf equipment improve almost every year,...

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