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Wrist Flexion or Bowing – Mobility Tests for Golfers

Wrist flexion is vital to the golf swing as the lead wrist needs to bow to store energy late in the downswing and to square up the clubface at impact. Of course, we have all heard how Dustin Johnson bows his wrist at the top of the backswing. Bowing the wrist at the...

Wrist Supination and Pronation Mobility Test for Golfers

Supination and pronation of the wrists are technical terms that simply mean wrist rotation. Golfers need to be able to rotate their wrists throughout the golf swing. From a proper address position to releasing the club at impact your wrist needs to be able to turn...

The Best Form of Magnesium – a Natural Calm Review

Why am I discussing the best form of magnesium on a golf fitness website? The reason is I get severe leg cramps. Whenever I over exert myself later in the evening when I'm relaxing or sleeping my calf, quad or hamstring cramps up tight. To the point sometimes that I...

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Golf Exercises

We are all busy people; time is something we can't make more of or save to use later. For that reason, we want to maximize the use of our time as much as possible. Your golf exercises might be wasting your time in the gym. Not having enough time to exercise is one of...

Olympic Golf – Will Rio be a Bust?

The golf community has been outspoken about Olympic golf.The debate rages on if golf needs the Olympics.The Olympic organizers didn't make it easy by re-introducing golf at Rio. Rio didn't have a tested championship course and one had to be built to host the event. I...

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