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TPI Video Swing Analysis Service

Does your golf swing never seem to improve? Every year you lose more distance?

You play, practice, and see a swing instructor as often as you can, but your swing never seems to get better?

You’re not alone! 

The problem isn’t that you don’t know how to swing a golf club. Maybe your body isn’t allowing the golf club to get into the correct positions. 

A TPI video swing analysis will identify any physical limitations that you may have and with some simple corrective exercises, you’ll be able to swing the club better to hit the ball straighter and farther than you have in years!

How a

Video Swing Analysis Will Help You

Before you spend time on the driving range hitting buckets of balls and waste your money on the newest clubs, you need to have your golf swing assessed to see if you can improve your golf swing without wasting any more time and money.

Save Blisters

If you can’t put your body into the correct positions no amount of swing practice will help. Stop hitting 100’s of balls.

Save Money

Spending a $1,000 on clubs might get you 5 more yards, but will it be 5 more yards in the fairway or into the woods? 

Easy Analysis

Record two quick videos with a smartphone and send them via e-mail & get a swing assessment and recommendations to work on the improvements you need instead of guessing.

Evidence You Can See

No more trying to guess what you are doing wrong. Seeing photos will help you picture your swing and what you need to do to correct it.

Use Information to Your Advantage

The swing assessment will explain why your golf shots are acting the way they do, and how to correct the problems.

Swing & Exercise Recommendations

No more guessing what you need to do, the recommendations will give you a direct path forward.

Titleist Performance Institute

TPI Certified Professional – Go through the same screening & analysis that all PGA & LPGA Tour pros who retain TPI fitness trainers go through. The process is the same regardless if you’re an amateur or professional.

Don’t Waste Anymore Time

Have a swing analysis completed and start playing better now!

All you need is a smartphone

Take two videos of your golf swing, a face-on video, and a down-the-line video and e-mail them to me.

Instructions on how to take the videos are included! 

I’ll do the rest.

No Tripod Needed

If a friend can hold the camera steady go for it!

Slo-mo or Video Mode

Use regular speed or slo-mo video – I can work with either.

Range or Home 

You don’t need to hit a ball, shoot the video at home.

You’ll receive a

12+ page pdf
with images of your swing
marked up to show swing characteristics.

After the analysis, you won’t have to guess how to improve your golf swing. I’ll lay it all out for you!

12 Swing Characteristics

each of the most common swing characteristics will be evaluated.

You do, or don’t

Evidence will be shown confirming you do or don’t have a swing characteristic.


on each swing characteristic will be provided for better understanding of your swing.


on the actions you should take to correct each characteristic will be provided to you. No more guessing!

Here are some examples of swing characteristic mark-ups.

Over the Top

Club shaft is not between address position and top of back swing position so golfer is Over the Top.

Loss of Posture

Golfer has not kept body on red lines of address at top of backswing. Golfer has Loss Posture.

Early Extension

Golfer has stayed back during the swing and has not extended body forward. No evidence of Early Extension.

Click the button to view or download an example Swing Analysis Report.

Click to Download the PDF

The exercises are going well, they are definitely making a difference in my game. My pro was very impressed with what you did for me.


Toby D.

I can’t say enough about Todd’s commitment and communication. I felt I had a personal trainer that I could access with questions, comments and feedback – and I did.

Mike Johnny TestamonialMike J.

The results have been fantastic. I am swinging easier than ever and have gained 10 yards with all of my clubs.

EE DS MathewsTrevor M.

Todd's affiliation to the Titleist Performance Institute meant I had a team of professionals supporting my program.

MJ-2-150x150Mike J.

TPI Swing Analysis Pricing

Option 2

All Option 1 has to offer
Plus a 6-week Exercise Program


Option 1 You can always add exercises later.


Swing Analysis plus,
Swing Characteristic Information
Recommendations to Correct Characteristics


Option 3

Everything Option 1 & 2 has to offer
Plus an additional 3-weeks of exercises!


Notice: You can learn more about our Terms of Service

Knowing what to correct is more than half the battle for a better swing.


Option 1 is a video swing analysis and recommendations.

Option 2 provides you with a 6-week exercise program specific to your swing characteristics.

Option 3 adds another 3-weeks of exercises for a total of 9-weeks! 2+ months of programming! 

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