How to Improve Your Golf Swing Speed Training

Doesn’t everyone want to hit the ball farther?

You know you do, who doesn’t like to walk past their buddies ball on the fairway?

So how do you go about hitting the ball farther? By adding power to your swing, that’s how.

More power = more distance, assuming the ball is hit square on the clubhead.

If you recall from my article Want More Distance there are three ways to increase power.

benefits of box jumps power formula

Provide more force (strength) to the swing, increase the length of your swing, or swing faster. These assume the other variables remain the same, of course.

In this article, I’m going to discuss some of the newer golf swing speed training methods. 

The old methods used to swing faster, such as grabbing two clubs or adding a weight to the shaft of the club, have been kicked to the curb. The new golf swing speed training methods use core training to transfer more power and the use of light weight training aids to increase swing speed.

Free Golf Swing Speed Training Guide!

I have prepared a golf swing speed training reference sheet for you. Add some of the exercises listed in the reference sheet to those presented in the videos below and you’ll be adding more power and speed to your golf swing!

Click the button below to download the reference sheet.

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What Do The Experts Say

Don’t take my word for it, listen to the best swing instructors talk about how the professional golfers generate swing speed in the Whistle Sports video below.

David Leadbetter says a golfer increases swing speed by becoming an athlete. He’s talking about training and a golfer’s overall physical shape. The pros are strong, flexible, and their swing timing is such that the club is traveling the fastest when it hits the ball.

Butch Harmon says that some professional golfers generate speed by being strong while others rely on swing speed. Refer to the power formula at the beginning of the post. Harmon also mentions flexibility, which means an increased range of motion or a longer swing, again part of the power formula.

Arnold Palmer talks about Tiger Woods and his late clubhead release. You will see more of this in the next section, but what he is talking about is storing the energy he has produced and releasing it late in the swing.

To do this is by keeping the angle between your hands and upper arm or shoulder acute or small. Most amateurs do the opposite and their early release and casting kill their swing speed.

David Phillips, co-founder of Titleist Performance Institute mentions the efficiency of motion or the kinematic sequence. Golf swing speed increases when the body parts move in the correct order to produce an efficient golf swing. 

Hear it in their own words in the video below.

Want More Speed Training?

Speed training is a popular topic. Below are some other articles on swing speed.

Golf Swing Speed Training

Erika Larkin, one of Golf Digest’s “Top 40 under 40” instructors, has an easy drill that you should, in my opinion, do before every round. Turn the club around and swing it grip down. 

Swinging like this trains the body to swing faster. The opposite of what most of us do when we swing two clubs together or put a doughnut on the club shaft. The extra weight makes us swing slower.

Larkin suggests you listen to the club and hear when it is moving faster by the whoosh it makes. Ideally, the swing should be faster near the impact area if you are doing it right.

She also mentions wrist hinge. Wrist hinge is so important for golf swing speed training. The longer you wait to release the wrists the faster the clubhead is going to be traveling at impact. Because it has to travel farther in the same amount of time.

As Arnold Palmer mentioned in the video above, this is why Tiger hit the ball so far when he first became a professional, he hung on to that wrist hinge until very late in his swing. 

Watch Ms. Larkin’s video as she explains the whoosh and wrist hinge.

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Golf Swing Speed Training Aids

In the next video, my favorite swing instructors in the matching white shirts & teal slacks from Me & My Golf actually show you that Larkin’s method does make you swing faster.

Also, they show us another swing tip that I call the step-in and they call the step change of direction drill. The purpose of the step-in is to get the hips involved earlier in the swing, so they have time to rotate open and pull your arms through the ball faster.

This goes back to Dave Phillips kinematic sequence recommendation. Make sure the hips are moving through the impact zone before the arms get there.

It is a simple drill. Take your stance – move your lead foot back to touch your trail foot – then stride forward to hit the ball. 

The first tip in the video I want you to watch is the use a radar machine to track the speed of his driver swing.

He then swings a shaft without a club head 10 times as fast as he can. Afterward, when he hits his regular driver his swing speed is faster. Notice that he is also winded while hitting the shot, I would expect if he rested 15 or 20 seconds more his swing speed would’ve been faster. 

This video also has a 3rd tip that Justin Rose uses when he practices. I have not had much luck with that drill as it messes up my timing. But if you want to watch it at the 6:20 point in the video.

Training Aid

In the two videos, you saw the instructors use a club backward and a club shaft without a head to make fast swings. Well, there is a better way.

Those two drills have issues though, in one there is no grip, and the other there’s no weight at all at the end. This makes it hard to track where the clubhead should be.

SuperSpeed Golf has a training system that uses weighted shafts. The heads weigh much less than a club but give you the same feel as if you had a regular club in your hands only lighter. 

Besides the SuperSpeed Trainers, they also have an inexpensive swing speed radar machine for sale. 

Full disclosure here, I’m an affiliate for Super Speed Golf. If you purchased using the discount code, I would receive a small commission. But I believe in the system, and it is an excellent way to increase your swing speed.

There is something in it for you too, though. Go to SuperSpeed Golf and use the discount code MARSH and you will receive 5% off your order. 

In the next video, you will see a professional golfer using this system to help increase their swing speed. The system works!

Golf Swing Speed & Power Training

It is hard to write about golf swing speed training and not mention strengthening the core of your body.

The generation of power in the golf swing is from ground reactive forces between the ground and your leg strength, but that power needs to be transferred through the core, to the upper body and arms. 

The core itself doesn’t generate power, it only transfers it from the lower body to the upper body. As the person from Be Better Golf (the video below) alludes to, there is a good analogy between the golf swing and the powertrain in a car. 

You can have the most powerful engine but with a substandard transmission, drive shaft, or differential gearbox not all that power will be transferred to the wheels and make the car speed up.

Same with the golf swing, if your core is not strong, it will not transmit the power to the arms and clubhead. 

In the Me & My Golf video, you saw the dude swing with only his arms. No is speed whatsoever.

Speed is Dependent on the Core

Below in the Be Better Golf video, you’ll see that he is working on the core throughout most of the training. He doesn’t say as much, but I would assume he had gone through the corrections and strength training facets of the golf training program and is now working on power. 

I cut out his drive to the gym as it was pretty dry (that is why the video starts several minutes into it), and started with Sung Kang swinging the SuperSpeed Golf training aids. 

The video then goes into the workout and he mostly trains his glutes and core. Even the pull-up exercise will work the core as you tighten them when pulling yourself up. Don’t think so, try it and you will feel your core tighten as you pull. 

The video is quite long but worth watching. All of the medicine ball work is perfect for power. I have never seen the band resisted pushups followed by vertical med ball throws before. I will have to try those. 

Enjoy watching this power training workout. Even though there isn’t a speed move like in the other videos, these exercises will improve clubhead speed. They strengthen the core allowing for a better transfer of leg power, and you will notice quite a few exercises that start with hip movement before upper body movement.

Summary of Golf Swing Speed Training

At the Course

The best way to train the golf swing for speed is to swing with lighter weight, not heavier weight before your round. 

Go through your warm-up routine and loosen up the joints then turn your driver or long iron over and swing it up to 10 times as fast as you can swing.

Don’t swing hard, swing fast. Clenching and tighten up will cause you to swing slower. Free and loose will be faster. 

To swing fast, you need to train your muscles to move fast. 

At the Gym

Work on strengthening the glutes and core. Try lunges, deadlifts, and band walks.

Core strength is essential for swinging faster. Do planks, med ball throws against the wall, sit-up throws, vertical throws and slams are all good core exercises. When throwing the medicine ball from a swing position to the wall make sure your hip starts the throw.

I like to begin with my address position, do a semi-backswing, pause and drive the hips toward the target and let the arms whip through last. 

At the Range

Practice the upside down club swing, both right and left-handed. Work on body imbalances. 

Do slow downswings and practice keeping your wrists at an acute angle late in the downswing and try to mimic that feeling hitting balls.

Tee up a line of 4 or 5 golf balls. Grab your driver and hit them without stopping one after the other. Don’t take long between hitting the next ball. Step forward and swing fast.

I hope these videos and tips help you increase your swing speed.

Free Golf Swing Speed Training Guide!

Don’t forget to download the speed & power reference sheet!

Click the button below to download the reference sheet.

Click to Download the Guide


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  1. Brian

    Is there any documentation that chronicles swing speed improvements? Ergonomics experts say that swinging light objects faster has little effect on improving ss.

    • Todd

      Thanks for your comment, Brian. I do believe I have some articles. When I find them in my folders I’ll post them here, add them to the article, or email them too you.


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Todd Marsh is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to
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