Tired of the Same Old Food? The Hello Fresh Menu is Awesome!

Every time I go to the grocery store, it seems like I buy the same food and end up cooking the same recipes. That is Reason #1 why I like the Hello Fresh menu & recipes, the variety!

Take a look for yourself, I’ve photographed the meals I prepared using the products included in the Hello Fresh menu.

If you don’t know what Hello Fresh is, it’s a fresh food delivery service. You order meals based on your family size. You can choose from a menu of meals.

The ingredients for those meals are delivered to your home. They include all the ingredients for each meal. I wrote an article on the delivery service, or you can visit the website by clicking the link below and get a $50 discount on two boxes.

HelloFresh makes it easy to keep those healthy new year’s resolutions. With $30 off, you can say goodbye to dinnertime dramas and hello to a fresh 2018!


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The produce Hello Fresh includes in their recipes fit right in with my idea of eating whole foods. 

This is why I recommend this meal service.

Yes, they do have some grains and other foods that are not Paleo. But, I am not strict on those requirements, as long as I’m not eating white bread or pasta every meal I’m good.

The majority if not all of the food you eat should be fresh and contain as little processed food as possible.

Continuing with the Reasons

Reason #2 is the taste of the Hello Fresh recipes!

The produce is fresh and arrives in great shape.

Hello Fresh recipes and meals usually contain fresh herbs, which I never buy because they’re expensive and each bunch is too large for a meal and I end up wasting them. But when you do use them they sure add flavor to the meal!

The Hello Fresh menu usually contains recipes that have sauces.

I don’t usually make sauces, either because I’m lazy or don’t want to buy the ingredients. But sauces really tie the meal components together and make it taste better.

Hello Fresh sends everything needed (except salt, pepper, butter, & olive oil) to make the recipes including the ingredients for sauces. 

The Hello Fresh menu is Reason #3 I like the service. The menu contains enough options that I have meal choices but not so many that it takes me 20-minutes to figure out what I want to order.

Reason #4 is the amount of food included in the Hello Fresh meal boxes.

I as wrote in Hello Fresh Meals are a Pleasant Surprise, I was apprehensive about the amount of food that the box would contain. The article also explains how to sign up for the Hello Fresh meal service, how the product is delivered to you, shows you what condition the food arrives in, and what ingredients are included in the meal boxes. 

Reason #5 is the cost. The price is right for the food they send you. Add to that the time you save going to the grocery store and it’s really a great deal.

For me, the meals cost about $11.25 each, and that includes shipping.

Reason #6 is convenience.

I put in a lot of hours working, so the time I save by not going to the grocery store is great.

Yes, you still have to go to the store to get food for lunch and breakfast, but I don’t have to worry about forgetting an ingredient for dinner and have to make a special trip to get the dijon mustard or some other forgotten ingredient.

Here is what Hello Fresh Includes with the Meals

Below I will discuss the Hello Fresh menu, show you the ingredients included in the meals, and show you the cooked meal along with my thoughts about the meals.

Hello Fresh Menu

The plan I signed up for is called the Classic Box. You can order 3 to 5 meals for 2 or 4 people each week. You can also suspend your order if you have other plans for a week or two. That is Reason #7; you don’t have to commit to any number of meals. You can order once and be done if you want.

The Hello Fresh menu has a choice of 5 meals each week. So in my case, I choose three of the five recipes listed for that week. If I have one issue with Hello Fresh is that you have to order by the Wednesday night the week before the Friday delivery. Meaning you need to order 9-days before the meals delivery. 

Again you can read more about this on the Hello Fresh website or my other article

Five Recipes from the Hello Fresh Menu

Below are five of the recipes from the Hello Fresh menu. I’ll show you what ingredients are included, talk about what wasn’t included, and present a photo of the prepared Hello Fresh meal. I will also discuss what I thought of the Hello Fresh recipe, both good and bad. 


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Dijon Pork Chops

with Crispy Potato Cakes & Roasted Asparagus

This is one of my favorite Hello Fresh meals. The dijon-shallot pan sauce is really flavorful and the crispy potatoes is a different way of serving an old staple starch. 

Here is a photo of the ingredients. The asparagus was a little beat up in the box. The meat was fresh, the chicken stock concentrate in the packet was flavorful and the fresh thyme made the meal taste so very fresh. 

All of the ingredients were included in this hello fresh meal except, salt, pepper, and oil. To prepare the meal you needed a kitchen towel to squeeze the moisture out of the grated potatoes, a grater, baking sheet, large pan, and a knife. 

After each box is delivered, Hello Fresh sends out a survey to see how you like the Hello Fresh menu and if you had any problems. I mentioned that the asparagus was a little beaten up in the survey.

Hello Fresh sent me an e-mail stating they were sorry, they will find a way to correct the issue and if I need to be compensated for a bad meal. 

That is good customer service.

The plate is a 10-inch diameter dinner plate. Shown is half the pork and asparagus. The potatoes provided actually made 4 potato cakes that size.

The extra potatoes made great breakfast hash browns.

Even though the asparagus had a tough trip it was tender and still edible. 

The meal is easy to prepare, and there is more than enough food for two of us. The sauce with the thyme was out of this world good.

Jamie’s Tasty Grilled Chicken

with Warm Green Bean Salad

I love roasted tomatoes and these are no exception. Excellent. I wasn’t sure about the green beans with the dressing on them but they’re good.

Everything was included except salt, pepper, and olive oil. The recipe called for a mortar and pestle to pound the rosemary leaves. I didn’t have one, so I used a spice grinder and it worked well.

The Hello Fresh recipe cards provided with the meals are nicely done. They are water resistant and the directions are clear and easily followed. You can also save the recipe cards and use them at a later date if you like. 

As you can plainly see, I could’ve grilled the chicken a little more. But besides that, the rosemary marinade on the chicken was very flavorful. The mustard dressing on the beans is way better than I thought. 

Again, the fresh herbs and marinade for the chicken made the meal very tasty!  The photograph shows half the food. I was concerned that there wasn’t a starch in the meal, and some rice or salt potatoes would’ve been nice. Still, it was enough and turned out to be a good meal.

Juicy Lucy Burger

with Tomato-Onion Jam and Baby Gem Lettuce Salad

The burger was so good, you can’t see it in the photo, but the burger is stuffed with cheddar cheese! The tomato & onion jam on top had so much flavor it’s making my mouth water now. This is my favorite burger now and I have made it several times since. 

The prep for this meal was a little tricky. The biggest problem is trying to get all the cheese stuffed into the burger. But there’s no way I’m leaving it out! 

Ketchup and mayo are included in the box!

Salt, pepper, sugar, and olive oil are the only ingredients not included in the meal box. 

Both burgers are shown. I didn’t include the salad on the plate. I’m not sure what Little Gem lettuce is because what was provided was romaine lettuce. Maybe because the lettuce heads were small. 

That said, there was plenty of lettuce for the salad. In fact, too much for the amount of dressing provided. 

The star of the meal is the tomato & onion jam that covers the burger! It was so good!  

The cheese stayed in the burger better than I thought it would and it added a great taste and juiciness to the burger. It was enough food but I’m not much of a salad fan. I little side salad is okay, but not half a meal. 

The taste of the burger made up for any other shortcomings.

Ginger Beef Stir-Fry

with Hoisin, Asparagus, and Basmati Rice

This stir-fry is a very flavorful meal. It could have used a little more sauce but the taste of Basmati Rice was good on its own. I love hoisin, and the grated fresh ginger made the flavor taste very rich. 

The beef is a flat iron steak and I thought it might be tough. It’s also hard to peel the ginger before grating it. So it looked like a lot in the box but in the end, there was barely enough. 

Only salt, pepper, and olive oil was not included in the meal box. 

I was worried about the meat being tough, but once I cut the beef against the grain it was melt in your mouth tender.

The ginger-hoisin sauce was great too! I wish there was a little more. There was enough rice for three plates. I ate it for leftovers the next day. Some snap peas or other vegetables besides asparagus would’ve made this meal one of my favorites. 

It was good, I would order it again, but could’ve been better with a couple more ingredients.

Zucchini & Parmesan-Crusted Chicken

with Mashed Potatoes and Green Beans

I never would’ve thought of this meal. I was really good and the zucchini kept the chicken very moist. Even though I’m a beef guy, this chicken dish is one of my favorites!

This Hello Fresh recipe really surprised me. A couple of ingredients that made the difference are the chili flakes that provided a little aftertaste heat and the parmesan cheese that also added flavor. 

There are more than enough ingredients, in fact, we didn’t use all of the grated zucchini. The only ingredients not included in the box are salt, pepper, and olive oil.  

Using a kitchen towel to squeeze out all of the moisture in the zucchini would seem like it would ruin the towel, but the towel came clean after washing it.

Using the broiler to crisp the zucchini crust also added a nice flavor to the recipe. Make sure you watch the food when it is under the broiler as it crisps fast. 

You have to say that’s a stunning meal!  It also tasted great and is more than enough food. The chili flakes gave a surprise hint of heat. 

It’s recipes like this one that makes me keep ordering Hello Fresh. It’s a recipe I would never have thought of making, I wouldn’t believe it would taste as good as it does, and it adds variety to my diet that I usually wouldn’t eat. 

Beat takeout. Get 2 free meals when you try HelloFresh! Valid for first time customers. Eat fresh & healthy – Shop now!

Hello Fresh Menu Selection

After seeing the food included with the Hello Fresh menu, I hope it removed any apprehension that you may have.

I completely understand, I was apprehensive at first too. 

But I’m glad I’m a subscriber to Hello Fresh. I don’t order it every week, and Hello Fresh makes it easy to remember to order or to postpone delivery. 

The customer service is excellent, they send surveys after each package is delivered asking what you thought of the meals, did you have any problems with delivery, the food, the menu, the recipes, or the service as a whole. 

I’ve been very impressed with the Hello Fresh menu, recipes, and service.

Healthy whole food is an important part of any fitness program, and Hello Fresh hits a home run with their service. That is why I feel comfortable promoting their products and service. 

The cost is comparable to the grocery store I shop at (Wegmans), especially when you consider how much those little fresh herb packs cost. 

Give Hello Fresh a try; there is not a minimum required number of meals you have to purchase, you can postpone delivery or cancel the service at any time. 

Here Are Some Savings

Below is a couple of links that will save you some money on your order. With these savings, the box of food you will get will be cheaper than purchasing it at any store. 

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Todd Marsh is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com.
As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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