4 Exercises To Improve Hip Mobility & Rotation For Longer Drives

Discouraged with my hip mobility, and specifically my internal hip rotation, I added the following exercises to my morning workouts. 

Hip mobility is obviously important to the golf swing. Not only for rotation, power, and swing speed, but also to keep your posture during the golf swing. 

In the golf swing, the pelvis acts like a camshaft in the engine and the femur as a piston. As the legs drive off the ground the femur drives into the pelvis causing it to tilt and rotate increasing the speed of rotation.

The hip joints are the connection between the camshaft and the pistons. If the hips don’t move well, the power generated from the ground is decreased causing you to lose power and speed in the golf swing. The lack of power means your driving distance is decreased.

If you look at the videos in Is The Lack of Internal Hip Rotation Costing You Yards Off the Tee? you’ll see that my internal hip rotation is pitiful. The still images of my impact position as compared to a professional golfer show that the lack of rotation is costing me rotational velocity and yards off the tee.

More hip rotation will not only improve my swing posture but it will increase my swing speed.

Below are the exercises that I’m using to improve my hip mobility and range of motion as well as internal hip rotation.

Hip Mobility Exercises

First off, I want to say that the four exercises shown below are only the first four exercises that I’m adding to my workouts to help with hip mobility and internal hip rotation.

These exercises are meant to not only help improve internal hip rotation but to increase the range of motion of your hips. 

The first two exercises shown below are used both to warm-up and as corrective exercises, reducing the chance of injury and improving range of motion. 

The third exercise, the hip flexor stretch, will lengthen your hip flexors giving you better control of your pelvic position. Without being able to control the position of your pelvis during your golf swing you’ll decrease your power output. 

Lastly, the reverse clamshell exercise is focused on increasing internal hip rotation. Increasing internal hip rotation will let your body open up and face the target sooner during your downswing adding rotational speed and increasing your swing speed. 


Hip Circles

Standing Straight Leg Turns

Hip Flexor Stretch with Side Bends

Reverse Clamshells

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Making a Hip Mobility Workout

I use these four exercises as a beginning of a workout. Either adding two additional exercises (something other than hip mobility exercises) or go run hills afterward. 

The Hip Mobility Portion of the Workout

Complete two sets of the hip circles. A set is 8 forward circles and 8 backward circles twice on each leg. 

Yes, that’s quite a few, but it’s important to warm-up and to increase the range of motion.

The next 3 exercises are done as a superset. Do one set of each exercise consecutively and repeat the process for a total of 3 sets.

A set of standing straight leg turns is 10 rotations on the right leg, followed by 10 rotations toward the left leg.

Be sure during the hip flexor stretch that you tuck your tailbone under. You want to be in posterior tilt or you won’t be stretching your hip flexors. 

Listen to what Tony calls a bullshit hip flexor stretch. 

I also like his thought that maybe the hip flexors appear tight, not because they’re shortened, but because they are protecting an unstable pelvis due to poor core control. 

Anyway, a set is 8 stretches on both sides. Skip the side bend on the first 4 or 5 repetitions on each leg during the first set, then add the side bends for the remaining reps in the first set and all in the last two sets. 

Personally, I hold the stretch for 10- to 12-seconds, then do the side bend. The side bend adds a lot of tension to hold the stretch at that point. 

Each set of the reverse clamshells is 10 good separations with each leg.

How Many Days?

These exercises aren’t very taxing to your muscles. You could do them every day if you wish depending on the other exercises if any, that you add to your workout. 

These are the first four exercises that I’m using to increase my hip internal rotation and range of motion. I’ll be sharing other hip mobility exercises when I add them to my workouts. 

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