Is Golf Fitness Just About Hitting the Golf Ball Farther?

Last updated Oct 31, 2019 | Published on Nov 15, 2016

Hitting the golf ball farther is something we all want to do.

No one says they hit the ball too far.

But, is hitting the golf ball farther the end-all-be-all of golf fitness?

I use the term golf fitness tongue-in-cheek. I would instead use the term golf conditioning, but regardless, physical training for golf isn’t only about hitting the golf ball farther, increasing your swing speed, or gloating as you walk past your buddies golf ball to your drive.

Hitting the golf ball farther is a benefit of golf conditioning. However, I don’t think it’s the most important outcome of a properly executed golf fitness program.

Golf Must be Important To You

Playing better golf has to be important to you. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this article. There are millions of people that want to improve their golf game, and they’re reading about swing instruction, not golf fitness articles.

You realize that playing better golf is directly related to becoming stronger, swinging faster, moving better, and getting in better physical shape so you can play a strong 18 holes of golf.

I congratulate you on that choice. Improving your fitness isn’t like going to a store and buying new equipment that advertises more yards.

With fitness, you have to work at it, break a sweat, invest some time, and put up with a few inconveniences.

I don’t know how old you are. Maybe you are approaching 30, in your 40’s, or where I’m at in my 50’s. If you’re my age, you’ll agree with this next statement. If you haven’t reached 50 yet, trust me when I say that if I had one regret, it was that I didn’t start a mobility and fitness program at a younger age.

The old adage is true “If you don’t use it you’ll lose it”

Once you’ve lost physical fitness, it’s much harder to get it back than it is to retain it. Putting in a little work now will save you from doing a lot of work later in life.

Golf Conditioning Is The Ticket

If you believe that conditioning is the ticket that will help you pound the ball down the fairway, you are correct.

But, you’ll get more out of a golf conditioning program than longer drives. There are a lot of extra benefits.

I started this golf conditioning business to help people realize these extra benefits.

Don’t get me wrong, playing better golf is important for guys like us, but being able to move better and not eat Advil for breakfast is even more critical.

My mission is more about moving better without pain, play with your kids or grandkids and keep up, do all the chores around the house and not have to collapse into a chair at the end of the day.

A golf fitness program is more than hitting the golf ball farther down the fairway.

A great golf conditioning program will improve your mobility to correct swing characteristics, hit the ball more consistently, and further down the fairway. But other things will happen too, such as having more energy, feeling better, looking better, not getting hurt, and leading a more active life.

Out driving your buddies is a bonus.

The Steps of a Golf Conditioning Program

Golf conditioning is a process that takes some effort and time.

It involves more than exercises that look like the golf swing.

I have outlined the steps that successful golf conditioning programs follow. You can download the free guide below.

Click to Download the Guide

To truly improve your golf game it’s important to be assessed for mobility and stability limitations and correct those first. Correcting limitations that cause swing characteristics can vastly improve your golf game without any instruction or strength training.

Golf fitness is more than strengthing the muscles in the golf swing. You may see the professionals doing exercises that look like the golf swing but what you didn’t see is all the hours they worked to get their bodies to move correctly before they started adding strength.

Golf fitness isn’t about hitting the golf ball farther down the fairway. It’s about your body bending where it should bend and other parts remaining stable to help support the movement. When your body moves as it should life is much easier.

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