Are you tired of paying monthly or annual gym fees?

You know, that place you visit two, maybe three times a week if you are lucky.

Working out before work? Tired of getting up earlier than normal to drive to the gym?

Sick of taking your work clothes to the gym? Or showering and dressing in the locker room?

Maybe you are going to the gym after work, how many times have you forgot your workout clothes?

Or are you sick of getting home 60 to 90 minutes later than you would normally?

If you answered Yes to any of those questions you should think about building your own home gym to save money and time!

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Do You Have These Thoughts?

If you currently go to a gym, my guess is that at some point you have had these thoughts: 

  • How much value am I getting from this place?
  • I’m tired of getting up/coming home in the dark, and it’s freaking cold out!
  • Damn, every day I have to wait for that piece of equipment?
  • OMG, will Billy Joe Bob ever shut-up and let me finish my workout?
  • No, no, don’t come over here…I don’t want to talk to you. “Oh hi Edgar, how have you been?”
  • Why is all the equipment I want to use today at opposite ends of the gym?
  • Crap!  I was using that piece of equipment now that Meathead is using it.
  • Jesus Christ Jim quit bending over in front of me after you get out of the shower!

I spared you the picture of the dude bending over…your welcome. Picture credit to

Sorry for that last visual, but hasn’t it happened?

Can’t people have some decency?

Plus, who knows what you might catch in the locker room, how clean is it?

You have to admit, these are all good reasons to workout in a more comfortable place.

In your home.


I hear what you are thinking. Gym equipment is expensive.

You don’t have space for it all.

You won’t be motivated to workout if I don’t go to the gym.

Those are the same questions I said to myself.

I was wrong in each case, and I will discuss why below.

Home Gym Cost

Cost, yes, gym equipment is not inexpensive.

But I’m not talking about buying a lot of stationary equipment, mostly free weights, resistance bands, medicine balls.

No treadmills, ab crunch or glute ham raise machines.

You shouldn’t be using stationary equipment much anyway.

Treadmills are okay to warm up on, but you shouldn’t be walking or running on a treadmill (or ellipticals, gasp!) for 30 or 60 minutes while watching Sports Center or TMZ.

Those machines won’t make you stronger, and you won’t lose weight using them. You are more likely to gain fat by using them with all other things being the same.

If you are reading this, I suspect you’re trying to build an athletic body, not a physique like a bodybuilding or long distance runner.

If that is the case, there is no need to purchase specialized equipment to train each muscle in your body or to pound your knees on a treadmill running mile after mile.

You’ll want to use free weights that will force the smaller muscles to help support the larger muscles that are doing the heavy lifting.

I have listed the ideal home gym equipment you should invest in along with the estimated cost for each in USDs.

Wide & Tube Resistance Bands

Medicine Ball

Yoga Mat & Foam Roller

Assorted Dumbbells

Olympic Barbell Set

Olympic Dumbell Bars

Olympic EZ-curl Bar

Weight Bench

Total Cost

How Much is Your Gym Membership Costing You?

Research has shown that the average monthly gym membership across the nation is $41.

Excluding the low monthly cost of the global-gyms that you shouldn’t even consider.

I say exclude them because those type of gyms have limited use of free & Olympic weights if they have them at all.

So how much does that monthly gym membership cost me per year?

I created the table showing the annual cost of a gym membership depending on the monthly cost.

  • Monthly cost $30 – Annual cost $360
  • Monthly cost $35 – Annual cost $420
  • Monthly cost $40 – Annual cost $480
  • Monthly cost $45 – Annual cost $540
  • Monthly cost $50 – Annual cost $600
  • Monthly cost $55 – Annual cost $660
  • Monthly cost $60 – Annual cost $720
  • Monthly cost $75 – Annual cost $900

As you can see, depending on your monthly gym commitment you can re-pay your home gym equipment investment in as few as 8-months and at the most 2-years!

Don’t forget your equipment will last forever! No need to replace it ever!


I do recommend purchasing a functional trainer or cable machine, these are not cheap and I didn’t include these costs in the previous total.

But there are other advantages to having a cable machine, such as everyone in your household can use it, and if you are interested in rotational power, nothing works better.

They cost between $950 to $2,500 new, but often you can buy used ones at a more reasonable price.

Don’t forget you can look on E-bay or Craig’s List for used equipment, finding home gym equipment on one of these services can save you a lot of money.

If you are patience you can find great deals on home gym equipment. People move all the time and they never want to transport it very far.

You Have Space if You Look

Where are you going to put the equipment?

You say you don’t have the space?

Well, you will be surprised at the small amount of space that you will need.

All of my home gym equipment, including a functional home gym, is in a spare dining room that is 9 1/2 by 10-feet.

Only 95 square feet.

Is it tight? Yeah a little, but it is so much more convenient than going to the gym.

Especially when it is snowing and below zero outside!

If your spouse does not allow you to use your formal dining room, I get it, but a spare bedroom, downstairs in the basement, or even some room in the garage will work for a home gym.

An organized home gym in a dedicated room.
My home gym in a 9 1/2 by 10-foot space.  Not a gym where I would train people, but for me it is functional.


The two excuses I hear about not having a home gym are:

“I won’t use it unless have that monthly fee hanging over me.” Or, “I need to physically go to the gym or I’ll find something else to do around the house and end up not exercising.”

Valid excuses…no, they’re not, no excuse if valid.

When you purchase home gym equipment, you have made a commitment to yourself by spending your hard-earned money on the equipment.

Buy it and use it.

I use my home gym more than I would a gym membership.

Even if I don’t complete a whole workout, I pick up the equipment several times a day and do some exercises.

Whether I use resistant bands, do rotational pulls, push weights over my head, or do some deadlifts or cable rows, the equipment gets used.

The key is to develop an exercise habit, try to exercise at the same time each day.

Find the time that works best for you and stick with it.

Prior to having a home gym I use to get up at 4:30 each morning, cram clean clothes and toilet kit in a gym bag, put a shirt and pants on a hanger, drive to the gym, exercise for about an hour, shower at the gym and still be over heated after the shower, dress, walk out into the snowy cold while under my jacket I was still sweating…what a pain in the ass and go to work.

It was especially hard if I had an early morning meeting.

It got old quick.

What about after work? The gym would be packed, or someone wanted to go somewhere for dinner, and I didn’t have the time to do both.

The gym just didn’t work well for me.

With a home gym, I can now come home, change my clothes, workout, take a shower, and then cook dinner.

No rush, no people using the machines I want to use.

I can listen to whatever music or podcast I want, no hip-hop or heavy metal.

I don’t have to pack clothes or stuff sweaty gym shirts into a gym bag and I can take a shower in my own bathroom.

So much easier, especially now that I have made it a habit.

Making exercise part of your normal routine makes it easier to hold yourself accountable and make gains in the gym.

Let Me Summarize the Reasons You Need to Get a Home Gym

To wrap up this post, I realize purchasing home gym equipment can be fairly expensive.

You need to think of it more as an investment.

Because when you compare it to purchasing a gym membership month after month, year after year, those costs are not insignificant either.

In the end, you will save money, find it more convenient, and you will exercise more often than when you had that gym membership.

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