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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Golf Exercises

We are all busy people; time is something we can't make more of or save to use later. For that reason, we want to maximize the use of our time as much as possible. Your golf exercises might be wasting your time in the gym. Not having enough time to exercise is one of...

Olympic Golf – Will Rio be a Bust?

The golf community has been outspoken about Olympic golf.The debate rages on if golf needs the Olympics.The Olympic organizers didn't make it easy by re-introducing golf at Rio. Rio didn't have a tested championship course and one had to be built to host the event. I...

Are You Interested in Longer Drives and Better Scores?

We all want to hit longer drives, right? Doing dynamic stretches & movement exercises before teeing it up have been shown to increase golf performance. Doing the same exercises during off days have also been shown to increase clubhead speed by up to 24%.

Tathata Golf In-Home Training Program

Are You Looking to Improve Your Golf Game? Look no farther than Tathata Golf's In-Home Training Program.  The in-home training program is designed to help people create an efficient golf swing by using training methods based on movements of the swing itself. The...

Do You Need More Water in Your Swing?

If you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated. This can cause a loss of energy & impair golf performance. Staying hydrated will improve your golf game. Golf is both a mental and physical sport. Hydration will affect both of these aspects of your game. Control the things you can change for a better golf performance.

Golf Isn’t Dying; It’s Evolving

Golf Isn't DyingI was recently invited to contribute to a new golf website that uses social media, specifically Twitter, to connect golfers from all over the world with each other.I graciously accepted the assignment.Each month a new golf related topic is chosen and...

7 Reasons Why In-season Golf Fitness is Important

To play your best golf all season long it is important to incorporate an in-season golf fitness program. The golf swing is a repetitive, aggressive, one-sided motion. Imbalances can quickly throw off your swing if nothing is done to counteract them.

How to Get the Most Out of Lateral Movement Exercises

Lateral Movement Exercises are Good Unless...You do them incorrectly.Lateral movement exercises are often included in basketball, football, hockey, and baseball training programs where lateral movements help the athlete make cuts to get to the ball or puck quicker....

The Important Aspects of a Great Golf Swing Sequence

The key to great ball striking is to have a proper golf swing sequence starting at the transition of the downswing. The correct swing mechanics, proper club fitting, and good mobility & stability in the body work together to form an efficient golf swing.

Hello Fresh Meals are a Pleasant Surprise!

Do you like good quality meals at a good price? You need to try Hello Fresh meals. Hello Fresh is a subscription service but you don’t have to buy a certain number of meals, you can cancel or postpone meals at any time!

Which Master’s Moment Is Your Favorite?

What is your favorite Master’s Moment? I have listed some of my favorites, along with videos of the moments. If you don’t see your favorite drop me a line and I will add it to the article! Let’s make this a long post!

What is the Best Golf Swing Analyzer? – Zepp 2 3-D

The best golf swing analyzer is the Zepp Golf 3D analyzer version 2. You can use this device on the range or the course and compare the data to see if you are indeed taking your game from the range to the course. For the price, there isn't a better golf swing analyzer...

How to Increase Swing Speed – Research Results

Do you want to increase your driving distance?The first question you should ask yourself is how can I increase my swing speed.Because on average for every mile per hour of clubhead speed the golf ball will go 1.8-yards farther.There are many ways to increase swing...

1.81 Great Reasons Why You Need to Increase Clubhead Speed

How the hell can I have 81/100's of a reason to increase clubhead speed? I can't.The number is more of a measure than an integer used to sum up reasons. What does the number represent?I will tell you later in the article.This is the first article in a series that will...

5 Easy Golf Balance Drills You Need To Do Now To Improve Your Swing

Golf fitness programs underutilize golf balance drills.
How many times have you caught yourself off-balance after you hit the golf ball?
Did you notice when you hit the ball well you pose after the shot?
When you hit a poor shot, you find yourself catching your balance, leaning to the side, or taking a step forward in order not to fall over. That should be a clue that good balance is necessary to hit good shots and play consistently.

Of The 12, Which Swing Characteristic Is The Most Common?

There are 12 common swing characteristics that can lead to swing inefficiencies and increase your risk of injury.  Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) stops short of calling the 12 swing characteristics, swing faults, as many successful golfers exhibit one or more of...

How to Protect Your Back by Fixing Reverse Spine Angle

At the end of the round do you have back pain or maybe it's feeling a little sore? A cause of lower back pain in golfers is a swing characteristic called reverse spine angle. The easiest way to tell if you have this swing characteristic is to record at a video or...

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