Mobility & Stability

Necessary for a Good Swing

A Golf Swing Requires

Mobility to place your body & club into the correct positions to maximize power.

Stability to allow mobile joints to work efficiently and return the clubface to the ball in the preferred path. 

It’s one thing to know how to swing a golf club, but it is another thing to have the mobility and stability to actually do it. 

Have you seen a swing instructor grab an arm or the golf club of their client and place it into the correct position? Now that student knows where the club needs to be, but often, the reason the golfer can’t repeat the movement is they don’t have the mobility and stability to get into those positions themselves.

Your swing might be better than you think, once you have more control of your body.



Minus the barbell, being able to do a deep overhead squat is very important for a golfer.

Don’t think it’s possible?

You’d be surprised how a few simple correction exercises can quickly improve your mobility. 

Don’t cut yourself short, you can do this!

In order to swing like Dustin Johnson, you need to be able to move like Dustin Johnson.


Stability is

the ability of the body to maintain position and control joint movement by the surrounding muscles. 

Being able to control and activate muscles at the right time is a large part of stability.  

The lack of stability is why someone can pull your arm into a position you can’t by yourself. You have the mobility to rotate your shoulder more, but not the muscular control to do it without help.

This is why a swing instructor can manipulate your body into the correct positions, but when you try to reach these positions by yourself you don’t have the muscle control to do it.

Stability exercises allow you to control the muscles that increase your range of motion. 

It takes more than practice to swing correctly, you need to strengthen and gain control of your muscles.

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