My Whys

Hey! Glad you made it here. I can’t wait to help you improve your golf performance! 


Without a doubt, the best part of my job is helping people not only improve their golf scores but help them move better through life.


Being physically fit makes life easier. You feel better, everyday tasks are easier to do, you feel more energetic and confident about yourself.


I know first-hand that increasing mobility, flexibility, and strength makes everything easier and is a mood booster. 


After improving my fitness level and seeing my transformation I knew that I had to help others. 


I am a life-long golfer, and it made sense to help people with their golf fitness.

Fixing Myself

As I mentioned, the first person I worked on was myself.

I had severe knee pain.

Long story short, the doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with my knees. Years went by, I gained 60 pounds and was so out of shape that doing everyday tasks wore me out. I knew I had to do something. 

I started to exercise, gave up processed food, sugar, and lost the weight.

Once I eliminated enriched flour products, stopped eating food with processed sugar and cooked in seed oils, the pain in my knees subsided and eventually disappeared.

My knee pain wasn’t caused by physical damage as I once thought, it was caused by inflammation from the food I ate.

I suffered in pain for a long time, and all I had to do was stop eating the standard American diet and get some exercise.

It was like being given a new lease on life. I decided right then and there that I needed to help change people’s futures. I want everyone to feel as good as they possibly can. Life is so much more enjoyable when you feel healthy!

In April 2015, I took the Titleist Performance Insititute (TPI) fitness professional certification course and later in the summer of 2015 I became certified by National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) as a personal trainer. 

I continue to read and learn about mobility, strength & conditioning, nutrition, and take certification classes.

I don’t claim to know it all, but I am willing to research what I don’t know to help people feel better and improve their fitness. 

Getting to Know Me

I grew up on the southeast shore of Lake Ontario in the small farming community of Sterling, New York. My father put a golf club in my hands at a young age and by the age of four, I was playing on golf courses.

I was a scratch golfer by the time I was 19.  When I turned 25 life took over and my playing time decreased, so did my golf game. About 8-years ago I started playing golf more seriously, and right now I have a handicap index between 5 & 6.

I’m still improving, in part because my physical conditioning and mobility is getting better, and I have learned how to focus more on the course and during my practice sessions.

My Former Careers

Golf fitness isn’t my first career, in fact, it is my third. My first job was at a very large orchard and farm market where I worked with produce, nursery stock and at landscaping.

I went back to school and became a geologist and have worked as a college geology professor, a field geologist, and as a senior project manager, and Branch Manager for a large international environmental consulting firm.


I now live in Syracuse, New York with the goal of helping golfers become better athletes and improve their physical conditioning. 

My pride & joy are my two daughters, Justine and Rebecca, who are excellent students and the best daughters a father could wish for. I enjoy attending & watching their sport and school activities.

We enjoy the beach, cooking, and watching all kinds competition shows. The girls don’t golf and that is ok, it gives me time away from the course to enjoy other aspects of life. 

Moving Forward

I will continue to learn new fitness techniques and training philosophies by reaching out to my mentors all across the country and globe. 

I want to expand my skill levels and provide people with the best fitness and performance plans possible.

My plans are to grow an on-line community of golfers interested in advancing their golf fitness and performance. I will provide the community top-notch content and courses, both free and paid, so the community members can reach their goals. 

Locally, I would like to not only like to help adults with golf performance but extend my golf fitness programs to serious junior golfers at local courses, high schools, and colleges. 

I think that is enough about me. This site is really about you. I would enjoy hearing any feedback you might have on the site, good and bad, all I want to do is improve the content so you can get more out of it. 

Enjoy the Website

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