I like heat.

I’ll play golf during the hottest stretch of the day, the sun feels good, the warmth allows me to move better, and there are fewer people on the course. All good things in my book.

Even though I don’t mind the heat, it usually gets the better of me, especially when I walk the golf course. 

My legs cramp easily, I’m not sure what it is, but if I exert myself when it is hot out I get leg cramps regardless of the amount of water I drink.

For that reason, I decided to try Nuun natural electrolyte drink tablets, and hence why I wrote this Nuun review. 

To cut to the chase, I found the Nuun tablets flavorful with carbonation; the aftertaste was mild and pleasant, and it quenched my thirst.

I found the tablets easy to store in my golf bag, easy to mix with water in any container, they split easily when I didn’t have a 16-ounce bottle, and they provided me with electrolytes that I usually wouldn’t have received drinking water. 

Nuun, electrolyte replacement tablets, will be in my golf bag all the time.

This article does contain affiliate links. 

What is Nuun?

Nuun is an electrolyte replacement drink that is very handy for golfers as it comes in tablet form. 

Therefore, it is easy to carry around in your golf bag and is available at any time. 

As long as there is water on the course that is. 

Nuun tablets are fairly small, they weigh a little over 5-grams each are about an inch in diameter and quarter of an inch thick. They look like big Tums tablets.

The tablets come in a waterproof plastic container that holds 10 tablets and the cap has an expandable, shock resistant inner liner so the tablets don’t break when a few have been removed from the container.

Nuun has four different electrolyte replacement drink products. These are Active, Energy, Plus, and All Day. 

This Nuun review is for the Nuun Active product as its intended use is for pre-, during, and post-workout.

Nuun Active comes in 11 flavors and I’ll list them later in the review.

Nuun Ingredients

Nuun doesn’t contain any odd chemicals. Vitamin C, calcium as calcium carbonate, magnesium as magnesium oxide, sodium as bicarbonate and carbonate (no salt as in chloride) and potassium as potassium bicarbonate are the main ingredients. 

There are some natural plant colorings and sweeteners (stevia) as well as some citrus acid (give it that berry taste). 

Nothing misleading in the ingredients except it lists dextrose, which is a sugar and Nuun tries to make it seem as if the plant sweeteners are the only contributor. 

That said, there are only 12 calories in each tablet so it amounts to nothing. 

Overall Nuun appears to be a safe product as all of the ingredients are naturally occurring. 

Using Nuun

The Nuun container and tablets make it very easy use on the course. 

The container fits about anywhere in your golf bag and is waterproof. 

To make an electrolyte replacement drink, fill up a 16-ounce container (I use a Nalgene bottle) with water. If you don’t have a 16-ounce container or forgot to bring one from home, ask for an 8- or 12-ounce cup and cover from the clubhouse. The Nuun tablet is scored so it will break in half easily. 

The tablet dissolves fairly fast, it is a big tablet so it takes a minute or two. Since a lot of the ingredients are bicarbonates it bubbles while it dissolves. Not like a foaming volcano, just a slow steady bubble. 

Of course, I tried Nuun myself, I’m not going to do a Nuun review without trying the product. 

So I shot a video that shows a tablet of Nuun dissolving in my water container. You can see the water turns a little cloudy and the bicarbonate comes out of solution. The Tri-berry flavor smells good when it is dissolving as well as in the bottle afterward. 

How Does Nuun Taste?

I’m not going to lie and say that Nuun tastes better than a beer. 

It doesn’t, but it is better than water, and it is better than other sports drinks that have sugar in them. 

When I drink so called thirst quenchers that contain sugar, all they do is make me more thirsty. 

Sometimes when you drink water from the water coolers on the course, they taste either like chlorine or plastic. So in my opinion, adding a Nuun tablet improved on the taste of plain water. 

In this Nuun review, I tested the Tri-berry flavor. 

The drink tasted like a slightly sour berry drink. It was also a little carbonated, especially the first few sips. Toward the end of the Nalgene, the drink was flatter but still tasty. In fact, it tasted better after it warm-up a little bit, that is something that water can’t claim. 

The Nuun Tri-berry drink was very drinkable and I continue to use the tablets, even when it isn’t that hot on the course. 

Does Nuun Help?

It ‘s hard to say without a doubt if Nuun provides all of the electrolytes that one needs during a round. 

I will say, however, that the Nuun drink has to replace some of the electrolytes lost on the course. The compounds used in the tablet are all dissolve easy and are taken up by the body quickly when consumed.

The addition of small amounts of Ca, Mg, K, and Na can’t hurt the body or your golf game when it is hot out. Golf is a very mental game, and it has been shown that being dehydrated and losing electrolytes have a negative impact on your ability to make good judgements on the course

Why not take care of parts of the game that you have control over?

Stay hydrated and keep your electrolytes up. 

Where To Buy Nuun?

Major grocery and drug stores are starting to carry them. Look for Nuun in the aisle where high-quality sports drinks are sold. Also, some of the larger golf chain stores carry Nuun now.

But if you want the best prices and flavor selection you should purchase Nuun at Amazon. 

I disagree with some of the comments about using stevia as a sweetener. Stevia is a herb and doesn’t have an aftertaste. Same with Nuun, I’m not sure what Nuun tasted like before, but I have no problem with the taste. 

Or I wouldn’t recommend it.

Nuun sells a four-pack of individual flavors and some mixed flavored four-packs.

The link below is my Amazon affiliate link. I will receive a small commission at no added cost to you if you purchase a product after using the link. The small commission helps me bring you new content every week, and I appreciate the support. 

The link will go to the variety flavored Nuun, but you will see the other flavors listed to the right. Remember that each container of Nuun has 10 tablets, so a 4-pack will last at least 20 rounds (a quart of water each 9-holes). That is between 50-cents and $1.50 a round. Very cheap. 

Buy Nuun Here.

Nuun Review

I found Nuun Active to be a good product to use on the golf course to replace electrolytes that are lost when we sweat. 

I used the Tri-berry flavor and found it to be drinkable, not the best taste in the world, but a much better alternative to sports drinks and plain water. 

The Nuun container is small and fits easily in my golf bag so I always have an electrolyte replacement drink on hand. The cap stays on the container very well after it has been opened, and there is a plastic spring inside that stops the tablets from breaking once a few have been removed. 

Nuun does not appear to contain any chemicals that aren’t naturally occurring. Some reviewers don’t like the new Nuun that contains stevia as a sweetener, but I didn’t have any issues with the taste or aftertaste. In fact, Nuun quenches my thirst better than water. 

After do this Nuun review, I will continue to carry a tube of Nuun tablets in my golf bag. I believe that staying hydrated and replacing electrolytes is important to playing good golf.

Nuun will help you stay on top of your game. We play for fun, but we play to score well too!

Even if you have an adult beverage or two during the round, it won’t hurt to drink a liter of water with Nuun to replace electrolytes and stay somewhat hydrated. 

You can purchase Nuun from Amazon below. If you are worried about the stevia (you shouldn’t be) I have also have included a link to the older formula.


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