I Have a Question for You

Would your golf game be better if you hit the ball farther and straighter?

Hell yes, right!

Are you working on your swing mechanics, but see little improvement once you leave the range?

You aren’t alone.

It’s Time to Change It Up

Stop practicing without getting results.

Mobility & stability limitations cause swing characteristics you hear instructors mention i.e. early extension, over-the-top, etc.

It’s difficult to improve your swing if you can’t place your body into the correct positions.

You can’t swing like Dustin Johnson if you can’t move like Dustin Johnson.

The lack of mobility will cause you to exhibit one or more of the 12 most common swing characteristics that lead to poor shot making.

But there’s good news!  Mobility & stability issues can be easily diagnosed and corrected with simple exercises.

golf swing characteristics

Swing Characteristics

Learn more about the 12 most common swing characteristics including how to identify them in your swing.

golf mobility and stability

Mobility & Stability

Learn how improving mobility & stability will help your golf game. And why it’s important to fix any mobility dysfunction before adding strength exercises.

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