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Below are products I recommend, use, and trust the quality and that they work.

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Amazon has every thing you could want for golf fitness. Visit Amazon by clicking the button below.

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Phantom Fit Loop Bands

Phantom Fit loop bands are my go to muscle activators. I’m on my second set they are used so much. You can’t beat the price for the use you will get out of the equipment. 

Every golfer needs a set of these loop bands, they have so many uses, from warming up, corrective, and strength exercises. Get your set here!

So many golf fitness exercises can be done with only Phantom Fit Loop Bands and Bodylastic Resistance Bands

Get a Set!


bodylastics resistance bands


I have used Bodylastics resistance bands for years before I became a fitness professional. I still use the same bands. You can’t beat the price for the use you will get out of the equipment. Besides the resistance tubing set, the loop bands are top quality too!

Every golfer needs a set of these resistance bands, they have so many uses, from warming up to strength and power training. Get your set here!


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Theraband Flexbar

The Flexbar is great for wrist exercises and for those that have golfer’s elbow. 

I recommend the light or medium Flexbar, the extra-light isn’t strong enough, and the heavy is too hard to use for all exercises. 

Read my article on how to use this awesome exercise tool. The wrist is too often overlooked in golf fitness programs.

I use the Flexbar when I’m watching TV, or waiting around for my daughters to get ready to go somewhere. 

Get the Flexbar at Amazon


Kettlebell Kings

Kettlebells are great for golf fitness because you use them in a swing fashion that helps build strength and stability similar to a golf swing. Kettlebells Kings will be writing some articles for TMF and I’ll be including workouts using them on the Site as well!

Kettlebell Kings is awesome because they’ll ship your kettlebells, regardless of weight, free to your house! Sorry U.S. only.

Kettlebell Kings


Gray Cook Band

Gray Cook (FMT) Bands

Gray Cook bands, also known as FMT bands are very popular with golf fitness fanatics. Bodylastic bands are more economical and in my opinion a little easier to adapt to exercises, FMT bands do have their place and many fitness professionals use them exclusively. 

I’m using them more and more for my exercise videos. The reason is the bands are a little longer and work much better for many exercises. 

I can see the need to have both a set of resistance bands and a set of FMT bands.

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Life Fitness

Great home gym equipment.

Life Fitness has the highest quality gym equipment on the market. From Home Gym Systems, Treadmills, Ellipticals, Upright & Recumbent Bikes, they have it all. 

Free Shipping and Installation, how can you beat that for the size and weight of their equipment!

You won’t be sorry to invest in a cable machine. There are so many exercises that work better with a home gym than with weights or resistance bands.

When you invest in gym equipment, you are investing in yourself and your families health!

Go to the Life Fitness Website



Hello fresh meals

Hello Fresh Meals

Hello Fresh is a great meal service! The food is great and there is a lot of it. Check out my two review posts to read more about the delivery service and how good the food is. Use the links in the posts to save money. 

Read more in these reviews. Hello Fresh Service and Hello Fresh Food.

Hello Fresh Website


The Travel Stick

Are you tired of lying on the floor and trying to get into that perfect position to foam roll out a knot?

Then The Stick is for you!

So much better than a foam roller. Use it every week on my calves.

The Stick is a revolutionary medical & exercise device used to treat muscle pain and trigger points.

With proper use, a user of The Stick can improve flexibility, recovery, performance, aid in injury prevention, and speed up injury therapy.

Get The Stick on Amazon


Arccos Game Analyzer

Arccos is my favorite golf game analyzer. Don’t get me wrong, Zepp works well, but Arccos is sweet!

If you are looking for live course information, advanced statistics, and own an iPhone, then Arccos is the tool for you!

If you own an iPhone and price isn’t the only determining factor then Arccos is the best stat tracking, golf performance tool for you!  The dashboard, data, and convenience are the better deal.

If the price holds you back than Zepp is the one for you. Much better than Game Golf in my opinion. 

See Arccos on Amazon


Powerblock Dumbbells

If I could do it all over again…

I’d get a set of these Powerblock Adjustable dumbbells instead of buying single dumbbells again. Yes, the Powerblocks are a bit bulkier. But they will SAVE you money in the long run. My next investment will be a set of these 50-pound Powerblock Adjustable dumbbells.

There isn’t a cheaper way to get weights unless you can find them at a garage sale. 

It’s hard to beat a pair of dumbbells that replaces 16 pairs (yes, pairs) of weights from 5 to 50-pounds. Plus you can add more weight with expanders.

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SPRI Slam Ball

SPRI Slam Ball is the perfect medicine ball for overhead slams. This medicine ball is a “dead weight” slam ball meaning that it doesn’t bounce. It can also be thrown against a solid wall for thrust push throws, and sideways tosses. 

Don’t go too heavy when choosing a slam ball.

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Do You Have a Website?

Here are the tools I use to run this website. Click the button or banners to purchase any of these services. 

Oh, My Goodness!

I have to tell you the WordPress child theme I’m using runs on the Divi platform. Divi came out with Divi 3.0 this September and it is awesome! It has great modules that make it easy to use and new to 3.0 is the Visual Builder! You can modify your site as it looks on the web. No refreshing or previewing. It’s great!  

Check it out!

Divi WordPress Theme

Best Opt-in Forms Ever!

I can’t say how much I love Thrive Leads!  This company knows what bloggers need. I use Thrive Leads, but I want to get Thrive Landing Pages and Content Builder. Like I said, they get blogging. 

Check them out.

Get Thrive Leads for WordPress

Website Hosting

I host my websites (yes I do have other websites) on three different hosting providers. I have had no problems with any of them! The companies are HostGator, SiteGround, and Bluehost.

TMF is running on SiteGround. The service at SiteGround is great and the website loads faster than on Hostgator. Hostgator and Bluehost are great places to start but I recommend moving to SiteGround once you are established. 


E-mail – Newsletters – Autoresponders


I use ConvertKit as my e-mail sales funnel autoresponder. It’s easy to use and logical. On one of my other sites I use GetResponse and have been testing AWeber. Both are good but not as easy to use as ConvertKit, though cheaper. 

Many of the leading internet people use Aweber, people like Pat Flynn. AWeber is worth investigating for an autoresponder.


Start Your Free Trial Today!

If you use sales funnels in your e-mail marketing you need to check out ConvertKit. It is easy to use, the tagging and changing tags are logical, unlike the other autoresponders. I use ConvertKit and love it!


Themes & Plugins

Do you like the functionality of my website? I love all of the features I can add with a drag and drop system from Elegant Themes. Best thing is I have a choice of 30 or 40 themes all for the same price. My opt-ins have increased since I changed to Elegant Theme plugins. Love this company. Elegant Themes have great premium products!

Bloom Email Optin Plugin

Hosting and Domain Name Search & Purchasing

I buy all of my domain names from NameCheap. I love their coustomer service, how their site works, and the domain name search function. I have not tried their hosting but I have heard it is good.

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