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15 Great Christmas Gifts That Every Fitness Enthusiast Needs

Are you looking for fitness gifts for that someone special?  But you're not sure if you should get them a fitness related gift? Would they be insulted? I wouldn't hesitate, fitness equipment makes great gifts!  Especially if they're talking about fitness or working...

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The Best Form of Magnesium – a Natural Calm Review

Why am I discussing the best form of magnesium on a golf fitness website? The reason is I get severe leg cramps. Whenever I over exert myself later in the evening when I'm relaxing or sleeping my calf, quad or hamstring cramps up tight. To the point sometimes that I...

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The Best Creatine in an Easy to Use Tablet Form – Everstrong

Creatine - Supplies Energy to Muscles for Better Performance Being the best creatine is a tough claim, and I believe Everstrong is one of the best creatine products on the market for the average consumer. Why do I think this? After all, there are so many supplement...

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How to Cure Your Elbow Problems in 5-minutes a Day – Theraband

WebMD states that up to 3% of the population has tennis elbow or golfer's elbow. That is 9.5 million people in the United States alone!  If you have elbow issues, you could reduce or eliminate your pain by doing exercises for as little as 5-minutes per day using an...

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Nuun Review: How to Replenish, Hydrate, and Play Better Golf

I like heat.I'll play golf during the hottest stretch of the day, the sun feels good, the warmth allows me to move better, and there are fewer people on the course. All good things in my book.Even though I don't mind the heat, it usually gets the better of me,...

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Callaway Wedge Set – Mack Daddy 2 or MD3?

Are you looking for a new Callaway wedge set? You have some choices to make. The new MD3’s are improved, but the Mack Daddy 2’s are much less expensive.

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Hello Fresh Meals are a Pleasant Surprise!

Do you like good quality meals at a good price? You need to try Hello Fresh meals. Hello Fresh is a subscription service but you don’t have to buy a certain number of meals, you can cancel or postpone meals at any time!

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What is the Best Golf Swing Analyzer? – Zepp 2 3-D

The best golf swing analyzer is the Zepp Golf 3D analyzer version 2. You can use this device on the range or the course and compare the data to see if you are indeed taking your game from the range to the course. For the price, there isn't a better golf swing analyzer...

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