Try this to Stop Slicing Your Drives and Hit the Ball Straighter

The slice is the most common ball flight for amateur golfers. 

When you slice the golf ball, you lose distance, it most likely costs you penalty strokes, and playing from the right-side of the golf course all the time eliminates better shot angles to the greens and pin positions. 

The reason most people slice the golf ball is that their bodies block the club from swinging inside out. 

With the inside blocked, there’s no place for the arms and hands to go except Over the Top, which causes the clubface to cut across the target line and putting a slice spin on the golf ball. 

Early Extension is also a form of blocking. Early extension occurs when the lower body moves toward the ball encroaching on the space where the arms need to swing through on an inside to out path. Again, forcing the club across the ball from outside to inside adding slice spin. 

During a good swing, your lower body stays back out of the way, and your torso rotates around your the spine at the same angle as the setup position, giving your arms an inside to outside slot to approach the golf ball and reducing the chance of a slice.

The Split Stance Torso Rotation in Golf Posture exercise helps you rotate your torso, reinforces good shoulder positions, and strengthens the muscles responsible for keeping your posture and hip hinge during the golf swing, reducing the chance of you hitting a slice.

Swing Drill or Exercise?

The Split Stance Torso Rotation in Golf Posture is more of an exercise than swing drill. The split stance works and strengthens the glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps, as well as the abdominals and obliques. 

During the exercise, the lower body should remain stationary while the torso starts rotation. The thoracic spine continues to rotate the upper body near the end of the movement.  

Most golfers can always use more practice disassociating movement between the lower and upper body. A perfectly performed split stance torso rotation does just that, the lower body remains a stable platform from which the torso and T-spine rotate. 

The exercise also resembles a swing drill. At the start of the exercise, the spine angle is nearly the same as your setup position. The torso rotates around the stable spine angle just like in a good golf swing. Furthermore, the shoulders are in perfect position, pointing where the golf ball would be at the apex of the rotation. 

If you have a tendency to stand up out of your backswing, into a Flat Shoulder Plane position, this exercise makes a great swing drill for you since your shoulders are always in a good position.

The exercise also is an excellent drill if you have a tendency to move your head during the golf swing. 

Why the Exercise is Good

When you do the exercise, start slowly so you can feel the correct position of your shoulders during the golf swing. 

Because this exercise puts your body in good swing positions and mimics a portion of the golf swing, it is a good teaching aid. 

The lower body remains stationary during the exercise, allowing you to disassociate the lower and upper body, giving you more control and power. 

The exercise also strengthens your lower body so you can keep it back during the golf swing and with more lower body strength it also adds power to your golf swing.

Starting the exercise by moving your torso first and then segueing into T-spine rotation is similar to the start of the golf swing. Again, reinforcing correct swing mechanics.

The exercise also puts your shoulders into good positions, with your head in a stable position, and your shoulders rotating beneath. 

If your normal golf shot is more than a fade, this exercise is a good place to start if you want to stop slicing the golf ball.

Below is a video of the split stance torso rotation in golf stance exercise.

Key Points

  • Keep your weight on the heel of your front foot and the toes of the back foot.
  • Hold the club or pipe tight to your chest.
  • Look at a spot a few feet in front of you and focus on that spot. Don’t move your head during the exercise.
  • Keep the lower body still during the exercise. We have a tendency to over rotate causing the lower body, specifically the hips to sway away from the direction of rotation. 
  • Don’t try to get every last bit of rotation out of the exercise, rotate only as far as you can go without moving your lower body.
  • Switch the forward leg and repeat. 

As you can see in the video, I over rotate my turn causing my hips to sway. 

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Practice Makes Perfect – It Only Takes a Few Seconds

As you can see in the video, with my right leg forward my backswing turn is very limited, and I have a much harder time keeping my lower body stable. To fix this limitation I practice the split stance torso rotation exercise several times a day. I leave the PVC pipe out so when I walk by it I can take 30 or 40-seconds and practice the exercise. 

You don’t have to do a full-blown workout to fix physical limitations or swing faults.

A successful golf conditioning program will depend on taking the time to fix little issues. Working on my split stance torso rotations a couple of times a day will quickly improve or correct the problem. 

A Step In The Right Direction

There are many reasons why a golf ball will slice.

Poor torso rotation blocking the inside-out club path is the most common cause of slicing in amateur golfers. 

If that’s the case for you, the split stance torso rotation in golf posture exercise is a great first exercise that will put your body into positions so you can stop slicing the golf ball. 

Even if don’t have a bad slice, this exercise will reinforce proper swing mechanics and that can only help your golf swing.


If you have no problem doing this exercise and can get a good full rotation while keeping your head and lower body still, there are a couple of progressions to make it more difficult. 

Instead of using a golf club or PVC pipe, get a weighted bar like the one below (they come in many weights) and strengthen your lower body and obliques by adding weight. This will make for a more powerful golf swing.

Another progression would be to do the same exercise, starting slow rotations and then speed up the rotations as fast as you can without moving your head or lower body. Besides strength, this adds speed to the exercise. 

Stop Slicing with One Exercise?

This exercise will help you stop slicing by reinforcing torso rotation giving your arms and hands the space they need to swing from inside – out. The exercise also strengthens the lower body making it much more likely to stay back and out of the swing zone.

You will also feel the proper shoulder positions during the golf swing, and if you can keep your backswing in control, it may stop you from standing up out of your backswing and flattening out your shoulders. 

Can you stop slicing by doing one exercise? 

If you stop swinging hard, learn the swing cues from the split stance torso rotation exercise and chances are your slice will be reduced. If not, it will go a long way to improving your golf swing. Slicing the golf ball can be caused by many physical limitations, swing characteristics, and bad swing habits. But if the cause is your body blocking the proper swing path, this exercise will have you out of the trees or adjacent fairway in no time. 

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Todd Marsh is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to
As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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