Every golfer has a fault in their golf swing.

Yes, even the PGA & LPGA Tour pros. Don’t think so?

Look at the swings of Jim Furyk or Ryan Moore. If they have swing faults how do they play at such a high level?

They compensate for their swing faults by perfecting their timing, or by some other movement that squares the club at contact.

Even players with beautiful swings such as Adam Scott or Rory McIlroy have swing faults that show up once in a while.

They make bad golf swings too.

At times, some physical limitation will creep in and cause them to hit a wayward shot.

You shouldn’t think Adam & Rory are in the gym working only on strength; they are working on correcting one or two particular physical limitations.

Both are trying to limit their bad swings by building the best functional fit body they can.

How About Your Swing Faults?

If you’re thinking “Well, I hit the ball just fine?” Remember there is always room for improvement. That is one of the things that makes golf great. No one can master it. 

I’m sure you hit some great shots during your rounds.  But, you most likely have compensated for your swing faults.

Look at it this way, if you shot 74 today, don’t you want to shoot a lower score tomorrow?

By reducing or eliminating your swing faults, you can hit more great shots, improve your golf performance and lower your handicap index.

Evaluating your golf swing faults and physical limitations are essential for you to have consistent ball striking.

Once you are evaluated, a golf fitness professional can develop a proper training program to meet your specific needs.

If you are taking lessons from a PGA professional he or she will have an easier time teaching you proper swing mechanics once the physical limitations are eliminated.

swing faults

Right now the swing instructor is working around your physical limitations.

He or she is finding compensations that will work for your swing.

This is not ideal.

The difference between the pros and you is that they have all the time in the world to practice and hone compensations.

Do you have that much time? Wouldn’t it be easier to fix the limitations?

It is quicker, easier, and better to improve your mobility and physical conditioning instead of relying on compensations. 

The 12 Most Common Swing Faults in Golf

There are 12 common swing faults in golf that are caused by physical limitations and create improper or inefficient swing patterns.

Even the most simple swing fault can cause a loss of distance, inaccurate shots, and inconsistent ball striking.

Swing faults can also put you at risk for injury.

tpi swing fault

I have to make a confession.

I should not be calling these faults; they should be called swing characteristics.

Simply because it is possible to have one or more of these swing characteristics and score well.

A fault suggests something more detrimental.

That said, the more limitations you eliminate, the better your swing and golf performance will be.

Free PDF Listing Swing Fault Causes

I have prepared a Free PDF for you!

The PDF includes a description of each:

  • Swing Fault,
  • The most typical golf shot pattern for that fault;
  • The possible physical cause for that fault; and
  • If that golf swing fault has any lasting physical repercussions for you.

You can get this PDF by clicking below!

Click to Download the Guide

Swing Faults – Everyone Has Them

Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) has identified 12 golf swing faults (characteristics) that are detrimental to the golf swing.

TPI identified these swing faults by analyzing video of almost 20,000 unique golf swings from all levels of players.

The 12 swing characteristics and the percentage of the 20,000 golfers that have that particular characteristic are presented below:


Lose Their Posture


Early Extend


Cast or Early Release


Flat Shoulder Plane


Over the Top


Reverse Spine




Chicken Wing




Hang Back





A player can have more than one characteristic. For instance, I have a tendency to early extend and swing over the top.

As you see from the circle graphs above, golf swing faults or swing characteristics, whichever you want to call them, are very common.

Research has shown that TPI’s swing analysis and physical screening methods do correlate with each other. Combining a TPI Screen and Video Swing Analysis will be a predictor of physical limitations that are causing you swing faults.

If you want a better understanding of the 12 common swing faults, I recommend you download the Free PDF

Swing Faults, their Physical Causes, and Most Common Golf Shot Patterns

that I have prepared. You can do so now by clicking below!

In the pdf, each swing fault is explained in more detail. I also have written posts on each of the swing faults.

To see these articles click on the Swing Characteristics category in the sidebar.

I also explain how to take a video of your swing with your smartphone and send it to me so I can analyze it for you. 

Click to Download the Guide

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Swing Assessment Program

Are you slicing or hooking the golf ball? Do you think your swing is costing you distance? Are the common swing faults, like early extension, over the top, and loss of posture costing you frustration and strokes?

Did you know that your golf swing can provide clues to swing faults? 

Using two videos of your golf swing recorded with your smartphone, I can identify which of the swing characteristics you may possess.

I have developed a Swing Assessment Program to assist in determining swing faults. Correct swing faults with simple corrective exercises.

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