Tathata Golf Day 3 of the Program - My View

Summary of the Tathata of Training Program – Day 3

In Day 3 you start Chapter 2, Introduction to Pressure. He’s not talking about mental or game pressure, rather, pressure and energy in the core area of your body.

Tathata uses martial arts terminology called Chi or Dantian. I’ve heard of Chi but not Dantian. Dantian is the energy center of your body.

What I call it is activation of your core and glutes. Remember, it’s not tension, you’re not creating tension, but instead, you’re preparing your core and glutes for movement.

Similar to a defensive position in basketball or football. Your core, hips, and legs are ready to move in whatever direction they need to at a split seconds notice. That’s Dantian in upstate New York terms.

Introduction to Body Movements

The first part of the introduction goes into Byran Helper’s(Byran is the founder and speaker of the videos) take on Tathata Golf and its relationship to martial arts. Byran calls the energy source of the golf swing (basically the core of the body) Chi and/or Dantian. 

These mean, as far as I can tell, to move without thinking and the internal pressure or strength is the Dantian.

In scientific terms, he’s talking about activating the core and glutes. Not only clinching or putting tension on those muscles but having the mental whereabouts to use their stored power. Similar to a defensive position in basketball.

What I Like About the Program

I like that (so far at least) the program builds on subject matter learned in the previous day.

Day 3 is no different, we take the information about the stance or set-up earned on Day 1 & 2 and put it into practice right away in Day 3’s movements. Byran talks about the psychology of approaching the golf shot as we set-up to hit a shot.

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Important Takeaway

I find this the most important take away so far. When we set-up for a shot we shouldn’t be worried about or stance or body position. It should be second nature. 

Similarly, we cant be over the ball and start worrying about what body part moves first, or making sure our lead arm is straight. We need to be thinking about how the golf shot is going to look, what results we want from the shot, and have a positive mindset that we can pull off that golf shot. 

Some may think that taking 3-days of training for shot set-up is excessive, but it’s not, it needs to be second nature to you.

Examples from the Greats

Byran uses examples from the greats on why the trail foot should be dropped back. He also makes a key point that even though the trail foot is dropped back the knees and rest of the body are still parallel to the target line.

it’s easier to keep a good hip hinge position during the backswing and not to early extend when the trail foot is dropped back and the rest of the body is parallel to the target line.

Two New Body Movements

Two new body movements are introduced during Day 3.

Draw Back Punch Movement

The first movement is called the Draw Back Punch Movement. See below.

My Take on the Movement

To do the movement you pull the trailing arm back like pulling a bowstring back while shooting the arrow straight down into the ground.

You need to stay centered over your stance during the movement, no swaying back or sliding forward.

This movement makes a lot of sense to me. Like like the terminology and is visually better than saying rotate back. Although during the golf swing we need to actually rotate, the idea of the shoulder position during the pull back and punching the lead arm straight down is better.

Even though rotation is occurring it’s a different concept to create the same movement.

Second Movement – Front Arm Punch Movement

This movement adds more of a swing rotation rather than the straight arm pull back. More on this later.

To do this movement, take the lead arm and move it like you’re punching someone on your trail side while rotating your trail arm backward and up.

The movement requires that the pelvis and hips stay parallel to the rib cage. Again, parallel to your rib cage as it is during the set-up position, and not parallel to the ground.

The lead leg and side need to stay activated. Or tension and stored power need to remain in these body parts, don’t let them relax.

This front arm punch movement compresses the torso and creates a position of power.

Notice in the image that the shoulders are in the same position as the Draw Back Punch, but the trailing arm is now extended upward, and the lead hand is pointing away from the target arm is parallel to the ground instead of pointing downward.

Can you see this is an intermediary position of the golf swing?

In the first movement, we get the shoulders into the backswing position by a simple up and down movement of the arms. In the second movement we’ve moved the shoulders into the same position but this time the hands and arms are in a more swing-like position. 

These are stages of the golf swing and instead of using the words rotate back, which often cause the body to get into a weaker position, these movements keep us in a strong position.

What I mean by strong, is the torso is compressed and is storing energy. Byran uses video and images of golfing greats to show they’re in this position of power during their backswing.

I like the teaching methods because the movements are easy to understand and they put the body into the correct positions but without using terminology that our minds construe into bad golf position. 

That is a summary of the Tathata Golf Training Program Day 3 video.

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Use Discount Code 10$off at checkout to save $10 on Tathata Golf’s updated training program!

Follow this link to the Tathata website.

Use the program on any device!

Don’t Forget to Use Code 10$off

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