Tathata Golf Day 4 of the Program - My View

Tathata Golf training program Day 4 is a 48-minute video that builds on the exercises learned on Day 2 and Day 3. 

Specifically, the body movements in Routine A such as practice approaching the stance, work on and modify the Drawback Punch and Throw a Backward Punch movements. 

Also, the Swiss Ball Turn, which I forgot to mention in the summary of Day 3. it’s a simple exercise and you’ll see it in the photos below. Think of holding a large Swiss or stability ball in your arms while doing your backswing. 

Swiss Ball Turn

The purpose is to hold your arms out which tightens the core during the backswing. It’s a reminder to keep the core tight during the backswing. Often we start focusing our mind on the arms and shoulder during the backswing and forget about keeping the core activated. 

With the arms spread out and hands curved like holding a ball the core needs to stay active. 

I use this exercise quite often with clients, only instead of pretending to grip a stability ball, they actually use one. It does make the backswing easier to complete because it takes all thought of here the hands, arms and shoulder position away. You worry about holding the ball and next thing you know you’re at the top of the backswing. 

Below is the image of the Swiss Ball Turn. You can see they’re pretending to hold a large ball between their arms, and making a backswing followed by the downswing to the impact position and stopping. 

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Tathata Golf Day 4 Exercises

The new exercises are:

  • Feet Arching
  • Surfing the Feet
  • Swiss Ball Downswing with Speed
  • Setting the Turn
  • Holding the Corner

Let’s go over them!

Feet Arching Exercise

Byran is right, I’ve never heard a swing instructor or golf fitness professional talk about arching their feet. It’s more like digging your toes into the ground.

See the image below. 

Why is foot arching important to practice in a golf training program – what is actually happening to the feet?

Because it stabilizes the swing.

When the lead foot is arched, it strengthens the position of the leg and sends energy perpendicular to the angle of the foot.

This is why a flared out stance is good. With the feet angled toe-out, arching the feet pushes the energy out in an arc, the exact same way the swing should travel in the backswing and in the follow through. 

Arch your foot and feel the muscles in the upper thigh tighten and become activated making your stance more stable.

Surfing the Feet

This movement is hard to imagine without seeing the video. I’ll try to explain it and you can see a screenshot of the motion below.

Put your hands on thighs and arch your feet while leaning toward the target. This drives the legs to the target, forcing power in that direction. It also starts to open up the hips.

The basic movement is to arch feet and propel ankles toward the target. However, don’t move the trail knee forward toward the ball, rather, push it toward the front leg and the target. 

By that I mean don’t bend the knee at all, it stays at the same angle, and is driven in the plane toward the target.

Swiss Ball Downswing with Speed

Place your arms like they would be holding a Swiss ball and turn into your backswing. Keeping the same arm position swing down to the impact position quickly but stop at the bottom of the arch.

Make a slow backswing then explode toward the impact zone and stop. 

Remember to arch your feet to help add power in the downswing.

A key point is a slight backward press with the hips will stop the back knee from going outward toward the ball.

Setting the Turn Movement

This movement is similar to Swiss ball downswing but the lead arm is squeezed downward to firm and load the lead arm tricep and lat.

Keep the lead arm in front of and close to the body.

The trailing arm follows the lead arm down like an open palm punch.  Your shoulders should be level but your arms feel like they’re pushing down toward the ground.

Holding the Corner

The Holding the Corner movement is similar to the Setting the Turn movement except you advance the hands slightly more forward.

This increases the pressure downward toward the ground.

The thumb position on leading arm is important to this movement.

The thumb needs to be at the same angle as the lead foot, not open (palm up) or closed (top of the hand showing). This helps hold the stance before the swing turns on the followthrough.

It holds the corner of the swing so you don’t spin out or lean back in the swing.

Also, the torso stays tight and pushing down toward the ground.

That is a summary of the Tathata Golf Training Program Day 4 video.

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Use Discount Code 10$off at checkout to save $10 on Tathata Golf’s updated training program!

Follow this link to the Tathata website.

Use the program on any device!

Don’t Forget to Use Code 10$off

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