Tathata Golf Day 6 of the Program - My View

The topic in the Tathata Golf Day 6 video is practice. 

The 59-minute video is broken into 3 main sections. 

First, practice the Body Movement Routine learned in the videos from Day 3 to Day 5

The Tathata Golf team runs through all of the movements with you, describing the movements, reminding you of key points of each movement, and why that movement is important to the golf swing. 

Repeating these movements will ingrain them to your nervous system. It’s no different than standing on the range and repeating your swing, only the Body Movement routine concentrates on specific movements to grove the correct impact positions.

Downswing Summary

The second section of the Day 6 training is a deeper discussion of the downswing sequence.

Byran shows video and discusses how Nicklaus, Watson, and Hogan move during their downswing. 

The video comparison between the Tathata Golf downswing movements and the three golfing greats is very compelling. The movements are very similar. 

Below is a screenshot of the Tathata movement and Jack Nicklaus’s pre-impact position.

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As you see, the positions, especially the leg positions are very similar. 

That leg position is what Tathata Golf calls the surf, where you arch your feet and drive your legs toward the target and the trailing leg drives toward the lead leg, not toward the ball like many of us amateur golfers do but drive it basically into the back of the lead leg. 

Byran’s upper body position is also very similar. If anything he’s more forward than Nicklaus.

As you probably already know the bottom of the swing arch should be in front of the golf ball. The divot, if you take one, should be forward of the ball position.

Tathata Golf drives the point home that the body, both the upper and lower portions, need to stay centered throughout the leg surf movement. 

The upper body can’t hang back, you need to keep the T-position. The shoulders square to the ground and aligned toward the target at impact. Even though the feet remain in the stance position, the legs are driven toward the target and the upper body needs to remain centered over those legs.

The majority of the Tathata Golf body movements are focused on that premise. The body is tight and stays centered at the impact position, keeping a T-position.

While keeping the body-centered over the bottom of the swing arch.

The main point of this section of the Tathata Golf Day 6 video is that the body needs to move keeping the T-position thru impact. The video shows how the golfing greats move, how their legs and feet surf shifting the body position so the lowest part of the arc, which is a few inches in front of the ball.

The Laydown

The laydown is the third part of the Day 6 video. Laydown is exactly like it sounds and is taken from martial arts. 

I don’t want to say that the laydown is mediation, but for the lack of a better word, that’s what it is.

The screenshot below explains it all. 

To begin the process you’ll need to listen to the video and have Byran talk about what your thoughts should be as you concentrate your mind on the movements, and why you’re doing the Tathata Golf training program. At a later date, once you’re more familiar with the training program and the movements you should be able to do the Laydown without help.

My Take on Tathata Golf Day 6

I’m glad there aren’t any new movements and practicing them in order is a good move and worth the time spent. 

These movements need to be memorized, not only for the training program, but they’re the same movements you need to take to your swing. So taking the time to go over them is worthwhile. 

The Laydown is taken from martial arts and is a mental practice. The mental process is a big part of the golf game.

So why not practice concentrating on our movements. We visualize our golf shot as we what to hit it, so it’s not a stretch to visualize the body movements.

That is a summary of the Tathata Golf Training Program Day 6 video.

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Save $10

Use Discount Code 10$off at checkout to save $10 on Tathata Golf’s updated training program!

Follow this link to the Tathata website.

Use the program on any device!

Don’t Forget to Use Code 10$off

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