Tathata Golf Day 7 of the Training Program - My View

Tathata Golf Day 7 of the training program is part practice and part instruction. 

Today’s video is 59-minutes long and is titled Body Movements Routine B. In the first part of the video the warm-up routine from Day 1 is practiced. Thankfully, the routine is completed faster than in the previous videos. 

The second part of the video is Routine A. Again, from a different perspective. This time only Byran is in the video and the view is from behind. Each of the below exercises is done five times.

  • Stance
  • Draw Back a Punch
  • Front Arm Punch
  • Swiss Ball Backswing
  • Surf the Feet
  • Swiss Ball Downswing
  • Setting the Turn
  • Holding the Corner
  • Setting Up the Speed
  • The Accelerator
  • Uppercut
  • The Launch

Changing Things Up

Once you’ve gone through the routine, again, five times for each movement, Byran changes it up.

This time doing only one repetition, go through the whole routine backward. 

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One More Change

When you finish going through the exercises in reverse, take a minute or so break, and once more go through the whole routine.

Only this time, don’t come out of the stance position. In other words, stand in one place and do one repetition of each of Routine A movements in the same place, one after the other.

Added Comment on Why the Movements are Important

As Byran goes through the movements he shows some of the ways people do the movements wrong. This gives a much better explanation of the movements. Plus, the change in perspective from behind gives the viewer more understanding of the movements and why each is important to the golf swing.

Third Part of Tathata Golf Day 7

Deeper Discussion of Mind Training

In this part of the training, a method of mindset is explained. 

It’s a martial arts method that is different to anything I’ve heard of before.

Byran goes in depth to why this type of mindset training isn’t mediation. 

The position isn’t one where you relax muscles, rather, you’re in a position of strength, even though there isn’t any movement.

What is different about the mindset is that we don’t consider what is expected. It isn’t a mindset training where we talk ourselves into a state of knowing what you are going to do.

Rather, what you could be. The mindset training is to give you a sense of what you could be or could do, instead of what you will do.

Doesn’t seem like much of a difference, could do or will do, except the former doesn’t set the expectations. 

In other words, if you fail to do something that you think you will do there’s added pressure on you to complete that goal the next time. However, if you fail at something you could do, you haven’t set the expectation that you have to complete the goal.

Saying you could do something means sooner or later you’ll reach that goal. 

it’s a mindset difference, and that is the purpose of the training. 

To change your mindset.

My Take

Practicing the movements quicker, in reverse order, and in continuous motion helps me memorize them easier and in more of a fluid fashion. 

As far as the mindset training, I get the difference, yet this too will take practice to better understand and change how I think about my golf game. 

That is a summary of the Day 7 video and the first week of the Tathata Golf Training Program.

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Save $10

Use Discount Code 10$off at checkout to save $10 on Tathata Golf’s updated training program!

Follow this link to the Tathata website.

Use the program on any device!

Don’t Forget to Use Code 10$off

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