Tathata Golf Day 8 of the Training Program - My View

Tathata Golf Day 8

Body Movements Routine A the Full Routine Plus the Laydown

Today we go through Routine A much quicker with 20 repetitions of each movement. In the video, they do ten reps face-on and then 10 reps down-the-line.

Of course, this is to show you different views of the exercise and there’s no need for you to change position unless you want too.

The total length of the video is 51-minutes with Routine A taking up about 33-minutes of the total length. In the second portion of video, Byran goes into a process he calls the Laydown. 

But first, Routine Movement A.

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Routine A – Full Version

Above are three screen captures that show some of the exercises that you have been doing. 

Again, today is the full routine with 20 repetitions of each exercise. 

In the video, the workout is around 30-minutes long if you follow along.

However, if you already know all of the exercises in Routine A you can finish it much quicker.

It’s still a good idea to follow along with the video as he gives many tips on how you should feel during each of the exercises in the routine.

This routine is key to the Tathata Golf Training Program, that’s why we continually practice these movements. 

Repetitive motions that will be embedded in your body and brain. 

Second Part of the Video

Time to move from the body to the brain.

In the second part of the video, Byran goes over what he calls the Laydown.

The Laydown deepens your thoughts. It’s a time to relax and think about the exercises that you just did.

Basically, you listen to Byran talk you through a relaxation exercise to allow your body become more aware of how it feels.

In a sense, this is a mental exercise where Brian tells you how to become more aware of your body.

He wants you to not only relax and think about the body movements you just did but to also learn how to stop doubting yourself both in life and on the golf course.

My Take

Part 1 – Movement Routine A

I know you think all of this body movement is becoming repetitive and you want to move on to new movements and exercises. 

But ingraining the movement patterns into your brain and muscles is a good thing. It brings me back to basketball practice. I hated practicing foul shots. Stand there for 20- to 30-minutes shooting when I wanted to move around and shoot jump shots from other places on the court. 

But in a game, when you’re tired from running and are thinking about what you need to do to win the game, all of that boring practice comes in handy when your body takes over and allows you to hit those all important foul shots late in the game. 

Plus, is it any different than standing on the range and hitting shot after shot?

Not really. Practice makes perfect.

Part 2 – The Laydown

I’ll admit, all of this mental training is new to me. I’m not dissing it, rather, I’m embracing it and seeing if it will help my game. 

That is a summary of the Day 8 video the start of the second week of the Tathata Golf Training Program.

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Use Discount Code 10$off at checkout to save $10 on Tathata Golf’s updated training program!

Follow this link to the Tathata website.

Use the program on any device!

Don’t Forget to Use Code 10$off

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