Tathata Golf Day 1 of the Program

Summary of the Tathata Golf Program – Day 1

The first day a 40-minute video that introduces you to the Tathata Golf training program, the training center, and the people that you will see in the videos, 

Tathata Golf has a different perspective on training than other golf and golf fitness programs.

You’ll learn from movements from elite athletes. Not from the athletes themselves, rather, the movements that they use in their respective sports. 

I think this is an excellent idea, as the movements in the training program mimic the movements needed to excel in sports. 

In a nutshell, you’ll learn how elite athletes spontaneous respond to create energy, store the energy, and release it at the correct moment. 

You’ll see why we train and how it actuals helps you when you actually play golf.

We practice the mechanics of our sport, in this case, golf, so we don’t have to think about mechanics when we hit shots.

How many times have you stood over a golf ball and thought about your swing mechanics? 

To play well, you can’t be thinking about the swing, you need to respond to the conditions. 

Start Learning the Mechanics During the Warm-up

The majority of the video shows you the warm-up routine you should do prior to exercise, training, and before playing golf.

A great thing about the golf videos is that two people are shown going through the warm-up. One person, does the movements like an expert, to show you how it’s done perfectly. The other person does regressions, so those that can’t quite get into the perfect position has an avenue to succeed. 

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As you see in the screen capture from the video, the woman (Lauren) is doing a standing toe-touch, while the dude is using a chair for a regression to the toe touch. 

Below, you’ll see the same in the next screen capture. Lauren is doing a crunch with her legs pushed outward, while the dude has his knees at 90-degree, a much easier position for a crunch. 

What Are the Warm-up Exercises

Below is a list of the exercises with my names, not Tathata Golfs naming system. In fact, they don’t name the movements. 

These same movement patterns, not necessarily the exercises, will be trained into all of the exercises going forward. These are the body movements that you need to train and not have to think about to improve your golf game.

  • Pelvic tilt in quadruped position
  • Lat stretch with cervical rotation
  • Pelvic tilt to posterior position
  • Toe touch
  • Modified hip flexor stretch
  • Spread eagle yoga move
  • Pigeon Pose
  • T-spine stretch
  • Crunch
  • Superman
  • Standing abdominal crunch
  • Different isometric stretches
  • Backswing pull to snap follow-through – followed by opposite side
  • Pelvic tilt snap with glute squeeze
  • Inverted C thrust
  • Clinched practice swing with step through

That is a summary of the Tathata Golf Training Program Day 1 video.

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Save $10

Use Discount Code 10$off at checkout to save $10 on Tathata Golf’s updated training program!

Follow this link to the Tathata website.

Use the program on any device!

Don’t Forget to Use Code 10$off

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