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WebMD states that up to 3% of the population has tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow. That is 9.5 million people in the United States alone! 

If you have elbow issues, you could reduce or eliminate your pain by doing exercises for as little as 5-minutes per day using an inexpensive product from Theraband.

In fact, a peer-reviewed clinical research study has reported that 81% of the people diagnosed with tennis or golfer’s elbow that performed exercises using the Theraband’s product reported reduced pain after 6-weeks. 

The study also reported that 71% of the study group increased the strength in their hands by using Theraband’s product.

What is this product? It’s called Flexbar. 

Theraband Flexbar

The Theraband Flexbar is a natural rubber bar with ridges for better grip. Flexbars are about 12-inches long and come in four different diameters that are dependent on the force required to twist the bar.

When a clinical study shows that over 80% of people report reduced elbow pain over standard treatment methods, it is time to pay attention to that procedure and apply those exercises. 

Let me discuss tennis and golfer’s elbow and then introduce the exercises used in the clinical study. 

Tennis & Golfer’s Elbow

Tennis elbow is also called lateral epicondyle, and the cause is the overuse of the forearm, hand, wrist, and fingers. The main symptom is a pain on the outside of the elbow and forearm. 

Golfer’s elbow or medial epicondyle is caused similarly by overuse of the lower arm, but you will feel the pain on the inside of the elbow that can flare down to the bottom part of the forearm. 

Ironically, even though named after two sports, the direct cause of epicondyles is often work-related.

People susceptible to tennis and golfer’s elbow are building contractors, landscapers, and other occupations that require the repetitive and jarring use of the lower arm.

Although tennis players only get tennis elbow, golfer’s can have either or both depending on their swing characteristics. 

WebMD has more information on tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow.

Theraband Flexbar Exercise

The clinical study describes how the authors chose participations and the protocols used by the people in both the standard and test group. The only difference between the two study groups was one extra exercise that the test group did. It was called the Tyler Twist and it included the use of the Flexbar. 

If you would like a pdf copy of the clinical study to use as a reference, click the button below and I will e-mail you the study.

Click to Download the PDF


Tyler Twist

The Tyler Twist is an exercise that uses the Flexbar that has been shown to reduce pain caused by tennis elbow and to strengthen muscles that will cut down on the number of tennis elbow flare-ups. 

The only way to get rid of tennis elbow is to either stop or change the motion of the activity. For golfer’s, you should have a TPI Professional evaluate your swing and provide exercises to eliminate the swing characteristic that’s causing your tennis elbow pain. 

The video below will show you how to do the Tyler Twist. In an upcoming article, I will explain it in more detail. Check back and I will link to the article.

Below is the video of the Tyler Twist.

What About Golfer’s Elbow?

The Theraband Flexbar is a success for stopping tennis elbow pain. So the reverse hand motions of the Tyler Twist exercise should work to stop golfer’s elbow pain

I discuss golfer’s elbow in more detail in 3 Golfers Elbow Exercises That Will Get Rid Of The Pain, and I also made a video that shows how to do the Reverse Tyler Twist including a couple of other exercises that will help you get rid of golfer’s elbow.

The Reverse Tyler Twist is the same exercise as the Tyler Twist, only with different hand placements. The Flexbar is twisted in the opposite direction to help strengthen the muscles in the lower forearm. 

Below is a video that shows the exercise and explains golfer’s elbow in a little more detail. 

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She Could Smile More

I don’t think she was too excited about making the video…

Other Uses of the Theraband Flexbar

The Flexbar isn’t only for tennis and golfer’s elbow. You can use the Flexbar for the treatment of fingers, hand, wrist, forearm, shoulder, neck, and issues with your feet.

Theraband has a repository of at least 39 different Flexbar exercise videos that you can access online.

My Review of the Theraband Flexbar

As you can see in my Golfer’s Elbow video, I own a Flexbar. I even keep it by my favorite chair and when I watch some television the Flexbar is there to remind me to exercise my wrists. 

Yes, there are other exercises that will help with wrist mobility, but having the Flexbar right there reminds me to exercise my wrists and forearms.

Good Piece of Home Gym Equipment

The Flexbar is an inexpensive home gym tool that is proven to work. 

The exercises, though a little confusing to get the correct hand placement the first couple of times are easy to do. 

Besides using the Flexbar for my wrists, I also use it for the arch of my foot. Once in a while, I have some foot pain in my right arch. Rolling my foot over the bar helps alleviate the pain. 

Being made of 100% rubber, the Flexbar is indestructible. Let me take that back if you have a dog that likes to chew on things, well, maybe the Flexbar won’t hold up so well, but if you keep it out of Fidos mouth, the Flexbar is a sturdy piece of home gym equipment.  

It’s not a unitasker, you can use the Flexbar for several different exercises that will help different parts of your body, so it isn’t a one hit wonder. I try not to buy equipment that has only one use.

The Flexbar does not fall into that category. 

Flexbar Forces

There are four Flexbars, the difference between them is the amount of force needed to twist the rubber bar.

  • Yellow – 6-pounds
  • Red – 10-pounds
  • Green – 15-pounds
  • Blue – 25-pounds

Protocol suggests starting with the smaller Flexbar and working your way up to the more difficult bars. I don’t think you need to buy all four bars. Depending on your wrist condition and fitness level you should be able to twist the red Flexbar and when it becomes easy to twist, move up to the green Flexbar.

I bought the green bar and had no problem twisting it. I could see some people needing the red bar first, though.

As far as the blue bar, I have no plans to purchase it; the green bar will do what I need it to do. If you’re a competitive athlete or need the hand, wrist, and forearm strength for your sport or work activities, then the blue Flexbar might be what you need. But not the average golfer, green will do just fine. 

I see no downfalls with the Flexbar. A clinical study shows that it works, it is inexpensive, tough and unbreakable, and by placing it in a location where I see it, the Flexbar reminds me to do the exercises every day. 

Buying the Theraband Flexbar

The easiest place to buy the Flexbar is on Amazon. 

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Todd Marsh is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to
As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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