If you are looking to improve your golf performance, specifically through golf fitness, you should go to the same place where the professional golfers go, to a certified TPI professional.

Here are some reasons why the TPI system works so well. 

  • The TPI physical screen and swing analysis system (body/swing connection) is simple and uses no special equipment.
  • The screens are standardized so they are consistent from day to day and from TPI professional to TPI professional.
  • The system is quick to diagnose physical limitations and swing flaws.
  • More complicated equipment and methods can be applied later if needed.
  • The initial screening is inexpensive.
  • The TPI advisory board is made up of multiple discipline experts so the screen and solutions cover many facets of golf performance.
  • The TPI system uses a team of specialized TPI professionals from the fields of fitness, medical and instruction. 

The screening process is standardized so a screen performed by a professional in the UK is the same as in California. You can count on the initial screen and follow-up screens are the same. That way progress can be tracked from accurately from the start. 

The TPI advisory board who oversees how the system works are some of the best minds in fitness, medical and instruction provide the best exercises, rehab methods, and swing instruction to you. The same methods and instruction that the professional golfers receive. 

Let me explain the TPI system in more detail.

The TPI Screening & Swing Analysis Works

The TPI screening and video swing analysis are excellent tools that are used to identify possible physical limitations that are affecting your golf swing.

The TPI profession is trained to run you through a physical fitness screen and use video of your swing to narrow down physical limitations that affect your mobility and strength responsible for your swing characteristics.

Corrective exercises are assigned to reduce or eliminate the identified limitations. 

With the limitations fixed your body will now have the mobility and stability to execute a more consistent golf swing. 

The combination of physical screening and video swing analysis focuses on the issues that matter in the golf swing.

The TPI system has been proven to work not only on professional golfers but amateurs as well.

TPI professional

A Little TPI Professional History

When I was at a TPI Professional certification seminar Dave Phillips, one of the co-founders of TPI, share his story about how TPI got started.

At the time, Dave was a golf professional working in Maryland with some top-level golfers. Dave had a client (the young Peter Uihlein- son of the Titleist CEO) that just couldn’t get the club into the swing positions he wanted his client to have.

Dave had read an article in a local paper about Dr. Greg Rose, who was helping golfers with their physical fitness & medical needs in the Washington DC area. The article spoke highly of results Dr. Rose was obtaining from his clients.

One rainy day, Dave suggested to his client that they should drive down to DC and talk to Dr. Rose. Dave called and set up an afternoon appointment. Once they arrived, the first thing that Dr. Rose did was run the client through a physical fitness screen. The same TPI screening process used today.

Dave didn’t mention to Dr. Rose what the swing issues were, only that he would like him to screen Peter.

Once Greg completed the screening he came over to Dave and said that the client has X & Y physical limitations, and he probably has W & Z swing flaws.

Dave was floored, Dr. Rose hit it right on the nose without ever seeing the client’s swing, or talking to Dave about what swing issues the client was having.

Soon after, Dave and Greg started working together and decided to open a joint business. Since Peter Uihlein’s father saw the progress that Dave and Greg were making with his son he knew the process worked.

Uihlein also saw the business potential that screening could have, not only on its own but with his company too. That is how Titleist became the sponsor for what is now TPI. 

A TPI professional certification program was developed so the method could be shared across the country. 

Combining TPI Screening & Swing Analysis

On their own the physical screening and swing analysis is a powerful tool to identify physical limitations.

However, there can be multiple reasons for each physical limitation and swing characteristic.

The power of the TPI system is realized when the physical screening and swing analysis are used together.

By combining the screening and analysis, the cause for the swing issue can be narrowed down. 

During the certification seminar, the TPI instructors used people from the audience as examples. The group had to predict swing characteristics from screening examples and vice versa.

The results are very convincing. I am sold on the process. It works!

Once the combination of physical limitations is diagnosed an exercise program can be developed that will reduce or eliminate the limitations.

This not only improves the functional fitness of the client, but allows him to overcome swing characteristics, and lower their golf scores.

TPI Professional Advisory Board

TPI has a large group of medical, fitness, junior golf, biomechanics, education, nutrition, and coaching experts that act as an advisory council to TPI.

To see the extensive list of experts scroll down the TPI/about page. You can get more details on individuals by clicking on their names.

These experts are leaders in their fields and they are dedicated to improving TPI and the TPI certification seminars each and every year.

If you see a TPI professional you can count on that the advice they provide you is based on the most current research and data.

TPI Professional Certification

The TPI professional fitness certification is not a single certification class.

To be an active TPI professional, annual certification credits (continued education credits) need to be completed, so each TPI professional is up to date on the newest methods.

TPI does not want static TPI professionals as they require continued education and development of skills in order to remain active and certified.

TPI also suggests that fitness professionals build teams. TPI teams include Fitness Professionals, Medical Professionals and Golf Professionals. Each type of profession has separate certification levels i.e. Level 2 and Level 3 titles where education becomes more specific to the field.

TPI is adding new certification categories and has recently added Junior Coach to the TPI titles.

As a team of specialists, TPI professionals can collaborate and provide a better range of services to their clients.

It is a great system, and many PGA & LPGA pros have TPI teams on staff to help them with their swing, medical and fitness needs.

Take Aways

I was impressed with the TPI fitness professional certification process.

It was very well-organized. The instructors knew the material, they could answer any question asked, and they worked well as a team.

The TPI framework is backed by a great sponsor that believes in the methods. The TPI facilities are top-notch with the best equipment available to the industry. This is important because all of the data collected is analyzed to find trends and patterns from which the advisory board can recommend better screening and training methods to the TPI professional.

This means better training for you. I was also surprised by the people attending the seminar. I expected some golf hobbyists to be in attendance. I was wrong, the people in attendance were PGA teaching professionals, physical therapists, chiropractors, fitness trainers, and doctors.

Most if not all were professionals looking to advance their careers with top-notch education and training. The TPI Instructors sincerely and honestly want every person in the seminar to succeed in their goals.

I was surprised at the amount of business advice that was being taught. How important it is to them and TPI that every person in the seminar makes the most out of the training. The instructors provide personal contact information so attendees could contact them if they needed advice, help, or support. 

Why You Should See A TPI Professional

The TPI professional system works. Here are the reasons:

  • The TPI screening and analysis system is simple and uses no special equipment.
  • Physical limitations and swing characteristics can easily be identified.
  • It is quick to diagnose physical limitations and swing flaws.
  • More complicated equipment and methods can be applied later if needed.
  • The initial screening is inexpensive.
  • The TPI advisory board is made up of multiple discipline experts.
  • TPI professionals are linked into teams to provide you with the best advice available.
  • There is an exercise platform developed to help provide clients with exercises to reduce or eliminate swing characteristics and increase golf performance.
  • TPI professionals have available to them the most up to date research and golf fitness solutions to help you with your fitness.
  • The certification program is robust, in order to pass the certification exam a TPI fitness professional has to be knowledgeable. You can trust their recommendations.
  • TPI is trusted by PGA and LPGA pros, if it works for them it will also work for you.

Even if you are not a golfer, maybe you play another sport or want to improve your overall fitness level, you should invest in yourself and go through a TPI fitness screen.

Functional fitness will help you move better and enjoy life more! If you want to know more about my TPI experiences click the TPI tag.

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