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2 Exercises You Can Use For Conditioning or Warm-up – At the Golf Course or Gym 

I’m a fan of Alton Brown, you know the guy that created the awesome cooking show Good Eats and is the host of my family’s favorite new show Cutthroat Kitchen. Why am I bring up cooking shows and hosts on a golf fitness website?

Because Alton Brown, like myself, hates unitaskers, those single use kitchen gadgets.

warm-up exercisesIn fact, I so agree with Alton about unitaskers that I try to incorporate the no unitasker rule into everything I do.

Maybe I’m taking it a little far but don’t judge.

But you get it right? Why learn how to do an exercise that you’ll use once for a week and never again?

It’s a waste of time.

For those reasons, I like exercises that work a lot of different muscles at once, or I can use them for various purposes.

The two exercises below fit into the later category.

The Lateral Step Followed by Rotation Drill and the Lateral Band Walk can be used to improve mobility, strengthen muscles, or used in warm-up routines.

Even better, you can use them as warm-up exercises in the gym or at the course before you tee-it-up.

Warm-up & Conditioning Exercises

Lateral Band Walks

The first time I did lateral bands walks I was surprised how soon my glutes started to burn.

Besides strengthening the glutes, a benefit of the exercise is improving hip hinge.

As a warm-up exercise, preparing your body to hinge from the hip will help with your set-up and golf swing right from the first tee.

It also wakes up the glutes, gets them firing, and prepares them to explode with power during your golf swing.

You might be a little worried about what people will say when you bring a band out of your golf bag on the driving range or waiting for your tee time. Don’t feel that way. Hand them the band and let them try some band walks. They will see how quickly this exercise activates and burns their glutes.

I recommend the Phantom Fit bands; you get four different tension bands and a carry bag to protect them for under $10.

Lateral band walks are an easy exercise that improves your glute and abductor strength faster than any other exercise. The fact that you can use the exercise for warm-ups, strength, and swing characteristic correction makes it one you should put in your toolbox.

Lateral Step Followed by Rotation Drill

This exercise will warm-up your back, shoulder, and chest muscles as well as loosen up your T-spine and hips. 

You’ll need a light resistance tubing to do this exercise. 

To start the exercise, take a normal stance about hip-width apart.

Grab a piece of resistance tubing with each hand and spread your arms, so the band expands across your chest.

You should feel your shoulder blades pull back like their going to meet in the middle of your back. Your arms should be stretched out to your sides. You keep them in this position throughout the exercise.

Get into a 5-iron position and move your right leg laterally one step and follow that up by rotating your shoulders to the right.

Pretend you’re watching a golf ball on the tee, your left hand should be pointing in front of you, and your right hand is pointing behind.

Rotate to the square position, then step back to the starting position, repeat 5 to 10 times or however many times it takes you to loosen up.

It’s easy to sway or slide (depending on the direction of the step) during this exercise because of the momentum of the lateral step. Once you take the lateral step be sure to stop the motion before you rotate to stop the lateral movement. 

Another common mistake is to follow the rotation with your head. Pretend to watch a golf ball on the floor ahead of you during the rotation. 

This exercise will prepare you for the first tee.

Equipment You’ll Need

Below are links to Amazon for equipment required to do each of these warm-up exercises. Resistance tubing and loop bands are staple equipment for golf fitness and conditioning exercises. 

I recommend Bodylastic and Phantom Fit bands. I’ve used both sets of bands for years, and they hold up. Try to keep the bands out of direct sunshine, and they will last longer. 

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